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HP Envy 4500 Stuck on Printing Alignment Page

HP Envy 4500 Stuck on Printing Alignment Page

Getting your printer stuck on the printing alignment page? I guess everyone must have had their fair share of problems like this while using a printer. So we thought of looking at the remedial action for it. We’ll be taking a look at the HP Envy 4500 model and find out the solution to it getting stuck on the printing alignment page. 

Hp Envy 4500’s printing mechanism

HP Envy 4500 is one of those all-in-one printers based on inkjet printing technology. It comes with both black and white and color options. It’s a pretty good printer for everyday usage and is much loved. But at the same time, there have been instances where users have mentioned that this printer tends to get stuck on the printing alignment page. So here are a few suggested solutions for it. 

Solution 1: Change or replace your Ink Cartridge 

HP Envy 4500 initiates the printing alignment process with the ink cartridges to allow the documents and ink cartridges to calibrate. That is how the desired results are produced. However, if there is a problem with the ink cartridge, then the process wouldn’t be complete and hence the printer gets stuck on the printing alignment page. Try to change the black or the tri-color cartridge of your printer. 

Solution 2: Perform a Hard Reset

The next solution would be to conduct a hard reset. You can uninstall and reinstall the printer to see if it works. Otherwise perform a hard reset where you unplug the entire printer and remove the cartridges and place them back again. This will take care of any hardware related issues if that’s something which is stopping your printer from functioning. 

Solution 3: Contact HP Support

If none of the solutions work, we suggest you contact HP support and let them know of the issue. They will either change the faulty hardware part or may as well change your printer. 

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