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Increase Operational Efficiency With Kitchen Display System

The success of a restaurant largely depends upon creative elements such as cuisine and ambiance. But these factors need to be supported strongly by efficient logistics or back-of-house operations. 

Apart from how good the food and atmosphere were, customer feedback also involves points like how quickly the food was delivered to the table, how efficiently the bill was settled, and so on. 

One effective way to streamline the behind-the-scenes working of your establishment is to integrate a kitchen display system into your operations. It primarily captures customer orders and instantaneously communicates them to the kitchen and point-of-sale. A wide array of additional features enables it to maximize operational efficiency and improve sales.

What Are the Advantages?

– It is a digital system that eliminates paper use, significantly reducing cost and waste. It is a solution that is better for both the business and the environment.

– By communicating a customer’s order immediately to the kitchen and alerting waitstaff of an order ready to be served, it helps increase turnaround time. This results in increased sales and customer satisfaction.

– Kitchen staff can customize the system to set alerts at set times, so that they are notified when an order is taking too long. Advance estimation of prep time for each item and order prioritization make the workflow more efficient and reduce delays. This shifts the burden of mental planning on the go from the kitchen staff to the system. This enables them to simply follow the system and focus on the task at hand, thereby reducing stress.

– The system combines identical orders so that they can be prepared in bulk, saving time and energy.

– The system records various aspects of the daily tasks like time for each order or item, time taken by each staff member, inventory items used, trends, and many others. This data can be analyzed later by restaurant management to fix problem areas make sales and inventory projections and be better prepared.

– The performance of the kitchen staff is visible and is recorded. This can help management determine if additional training may be required or if further optimization of the task flow may be needed.

– It is a versatile system that can be used by large restaurants and sprawling food courts to small food trucks.

– It can be integrated into self-service kiosks, apps, and online platforms as well.

Additional functionality such as payment, reservations, and customer service, can also be part of the system.

What Factors Should Be Considered Before Purchasing?

  • It is necessary to consider the initial cost of installation and the long-term costs of maintenance and system upgrades.
  • The user interface should be easy to understand and navigate. Since the primary draw of the system is to make the workflow more efficient, its ease of use is of primary concern.
  • Many systems come with add-on features such as kiosks and card readers. You may consider purchasing these features if you determine that they can speed up your point-of-sale processes.

A kitchen display system is especially advantageous to a quick-order establishment where prompt service is a priority. It can provide metrics for better restaurant management and logistical planning. 

With a compact and portable design, it is a good fit in tight kitchen environments. Its touchscreen capability makes it quick and easy to use. With all these pros, the system can drastically improve workflow efficiency, sales, and customer satisfaction in your restaurant.

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