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Internal Marketing vs Integrated Marketing: Which is Best for Your Business

As a business owner, you recognize the importance of understanding and adapting to the latest and most innovative forms of marketing. Since there are different marketing strategies, this article will discuss internal marketing versus integrated marketing.

Internal Marketing vs Integrated Marketing

What is Internal Marketing?

Your employees are the most valuable members of your company. Without your employees, your company would not thrive. Your employees need to truly believe in your brand, and you can help with this process by promoting your business within your business. When your employees believe in your brand, purchase from your brand, and promote your brand to friends and family, your business will grow. 

People are more willing to purchase from a brand if they have a recommendation from a friend or family member. You want your employees to be your company’s ambassadors. When they are, they will be loyal to your brand, and they will promote your brand to others.

How to Create an Internal Marketing Strategy?

An internal marketing strategy is unique because it has to do with educating your employees. This means that you should have regular training for your employees in order for them to understand and feel aligned with your brand’s values and goals. Apart from that, you need to constantly encourage and nurture communication within the company. 

When your employees feel heard and appreciated, they will also appreciate your brand. You do well to make the products and services that your brand sells available at a discounted price to your employees. When your employees can purchase the products for themselves, they are not only able to give great feedback about what they like about the brand, but they are also able to help improve your brand.

What is Integrated Marketing?

Integrated marketing implies the unification of all of your communication via marketing platforms. This means that your marketing ads look the same regardless of where a person may see your brand. Integrated marketing is of the utmost importance. When your customers see a unified company, you will receive better results because your company is cohesive and polished. Apart from that, your brand will leave your mark on the customer; they will remember your brand because of its consistency. Lastly, when you use integrated marketing, you will save money because you are able to use the same marketing documents on different platforms. Enterprise marketing automation can be highly useful when it comes to integrated marketing. One single message can be broadcast on different platforms.

What is the Difference Between Integrated Marketing and Internal Marketing?

It is obvious that there are huge differences between these two forms of marketing. Internal marketing is targeted more towards employees, and Integrated Marketing is targeted more towards customers. Internal marketing has to do more with educating your employees, and integrated marketing has to do more with offering a concise and polished presentation of your brand to potential clients.

Which One of These Forms of Marketing is Best for Your Company?

In reality, both forms of marketing can be beneficial to your company. You want to promote your brand inside and outside of your company. By blending your marketing strategies, you are able to access a larger base of clients and create loyal customers.  

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