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iPad Mouse Support without Jailbreak

iPad Mouse Support without Jailbreak

As much as people love the iPad and its smooth touch functionality, there are times when you do look for a traditional mouse. But the main conundrum is how to use a mouse with an iPad without opting for jailbreak. Sure, jailbreak can give you leverage to work with anything but that’s not an amicable solution. So we thought of finding another way to use a mouse with an iPad without jailbreaking it. And guess what we found it.  

Why connect your iPad to a mouse? 

For starters, how much people speak about the dying ambers of the iPad, it’s still a great device to work with and offers smooth performance. This is why iPad still commands such numbers in sales. And with the added option of being able to use a mouse with it, this could be a gamechanger. 

How to use an iPad with a mouse?

You should first connect the mouse to the iPad to be able to use it. And this is where the catch is. We here will list the steps that will help you to connect a mouse to your iPad. 

  1. First things first, purchase a Lightning to USB cable. These can be easily found on the online and offline stores and costs pretty low. Get one with a long cable preferably. 
  2. Then connect the Lightning to USB cable into the power slot placed at the bottom of the iPad. Onto the USB side, connect your mouse. If it’s the wireless mouse, then connect the wireless connector of your mouse to the USB side of the cable. 
  3. Once you’ve connected your mouse, the iPad will discover it and a mouse cursor will hover on the screen. Now you can use the mouse and carry out your operations without the need to jailbreak your iPad.

This trick has been tried on all iPad and is found to be working. You can even connect a keyboard too if you want in place of a mouse following the same mechanism. 

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