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LoopCV : The Right Resume Comes with the Best Service

Loopcv is an AI-powered resume-matching service. Job-seekers can make profiles on the website, outlining their qualifications and attaching their resumes; the site then searches through positions offered on other sites, finds those that are a good fit for the user, and submits applications on their behalf. The product is available for purchase via a subscription model.


Loopcv allows users to save jobs and apply to them with a single click if they aren’t happy with the automated application process. Freelancers who want to pitch their services to businesses can utilize Loopcv to find potential clients.

What Makes Loopcv Special?

Machine learning and automation cut down on the time spent every day on mundane tasks like searching for relevant job postings, locating company email addresses, and filling out online application forms with the same CV and profile information. Loopcv is the first complete automation tool for job seekers, allowing them to quickly and easily schedule more interviews and uncover better opportunities.

You begin using Loopcv by customizing your dashboard with information about the type of work you want, where you want to work, a copy of your resume, and keywords linked to the types of jobs you are interested in applying for. Last but not least, Loopcv allows you to add and omit organizations from sending or applying on your behalf. LoopCV streamlines your job applications so that you can apply to hundreds of positions each week without lifting a finger.

The Three Easy Steps to Using LoopCV

  • Make a profile and attach your resume.
  • Choose from a wide variety of occupations, workplaces, and other personalization options.
  • LoopCV can either do the job search and application process for you or give you full control over it.

Features to Note:

  • Send daily, customized emails to your contacts in business.
  • Apply instantly to open positions posted on 30+ partnered sites
  • Email address discovery tool that searches for businesses automatically
  • Draft a slew of unique messages using preexisting formats
  • Attempting to apply to numerous firms for various positions at once
  • Possibility of choosing any location on Earth, including outlying areas.
  • Keyword-based analysis of job postings and subsequent filtering
  • Option to pick your ideal job match’s difficulty level
  • You can choose which businesses to look for work at, or not at.
  • Get data-driven suggestions on how to strengthen your resume and job hunt.
  • Metrics and data tracking dashboard for employment searches.
  • Possibility of responding to employment application questions directly on the site
  • Vote with your likes and dislikes on individual jobs to help fine-tune matching algorithm.
  • Additional feeds and integrations can be made using the API.

If you’re short on time but yet want to get a job, Loopcv is the perfect tool for you. Loopcv is the first product of its kind, and it will greatly facilitate your job search. LoopCV’s central idea is that it can run itself indefinitely so long as the cycles are kept going.


This means that every two hours, we will automatically collect job postings matching the title and location you specify. We refer to each job search that we conduct as a “Loop,” and the process itself as “Looping” which may involve more than one LoopCV that you have set in your dashboard. Searching a platform and submitting applications for all of the openings that fit your profile is the beginning of a Loop. To reiterate the fully automated process of searching for relevant opportunities and applying on your behalf by sending emails to companies or directly to the job application forms, make sure the “automated email and application” selections are enabled in your Loop.

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