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Metakovan NFT Beeple Nfttarmybloomberg

Beeple’s NFT Sold for $69M to Vignesh Sundaresan

NFTs have been gaining traction, but did you know someone spent $69m for a Beeple’s NFT? Yes, that is right, MetaKovan, also known as Vignesh Sundaresan, purchased the Beeple’s NFT for a whopping $69 million. Soon after completing the purchase, Vignesh appeared in a TV interview with CNBC. It is known that Vignesh Sundaresan is a cryptocurrency investor, and he has made a huge fortune from his trades. He declined to comment on his net worth or how much he has made from the crypto trade.

In the TV interview with CNBC, Vignesh mentioned that he has no regret about purchasing Beeple’s NFT for $69 million. He also mentioned that he was prepared to pay a higher price for this piece of art. Vignesh also acknowledges the start of a new age because of these digital art forms. Vignesh said that he believes NFT will make it easy for artists to buy and sell art across the globe. Vignesh wanted to create history by purchasing this digital form of art.

Metakovan NFT Beeple nfttarmybloomberg

What is Metakovan NFT Beeple nfttarmybloomberg ?

Vignesh Sundaresan, also known as MetaKovan bought Beeple’s NFT for $69m

Today, you will see many NFTs coming up, and everyone is trying their hands at it. You will see Memes, NBA Video Highlights, Tweets, and digital art selling as the NFT. Vignesh gets exclusive rights to Beeple’s NFT, and he can sell it further if he wishes to. The popular NFTs are being sold at a 6 to 7 figure cost. With the NFT, you get digital ownership of the underlying asset. The ownership is maintained using the blockchain. If the experts are to be believed, the NFT will not only impact digital art but also change the dynamics of how the ownership of physical goods is maintained. The very first use case here could be with real estate or property.

The adoption of NFTs is increasing, and many people are adopting these digital assets. NFT is also an excellent way to monetize your digital art. Vignesh believes that there will be an economy around the NFT. Look at the statistics; you will notice that the NFT sales have already crossed the $500 million mark. Vignesh also mentioned that today the artists in the far east are able to make their first $1000 on the internet using the internet and their digital art.

Vignesh expressed his positive outlook toward NFT and cryptocurrency. While closing the interview, Vignesh said that he has no plans to sell Beeple’s NFT right now, and he is thinking about ways to monetize it. He may even offer the NFT to virtual museums for display.

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