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Most Essential Elements of Web Design

By now, everyone in the business of business understands the importance of digital integration.  The internet has fully immersed itself into just about every aspect of our lives, professional or not.

Most Essential Elements of Web Design

In a fast-paced, convenience-based society, a workable knowledge of web design is especially essential for those in business.  Take a moment to stack a bit of knowledge into that head of yours, and read through this brief summary of a few of the most essential, money-making, elements of web design.

Stun visitors with an eye-catching homepage

Creating an eye-catching homepage is one of the most important aspects of a successful, and well-built, website.  Designers have less than ten seconds to convince people to look a bit further into what the website has to offer, so every element of the design should be carefully researched to maximize visual attraction. That’s why it’s no wonder business owners decide to go with a reliable Phoenix digital branding agency that is ready to deliver those astonishing results and amaze your future website’s visitors.

A study performed by the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab showed that over 40 percent of web users say a website’s font size, color scheme, ease of navigation, and layout are the top criterion for deciding whether or not a website can be trusted.

A thorough FAQ page is extremely helpful

A website equipped with a strong and thorough Frequently Asked Questions page will help to cut down on frivolous communications.  Often, there are repetitive questions users send to designers to better the website’s progression.

When there is a question that continually keeps coming to the attention of designers, it is helpful to insert that question into a comprehensive FAQ listing, like this one.  FAQ pages are a way to sort out some basic information regarding the site’s products and services.

“Contact Us” for more information

Every website should have a stellar “Contact Us” page to assist users in communicating with key professionals in the organization.  People enjoy feeling heard, and every good business listens to its consumers.

It is good practice to design the website’s “Contact Us” page to be equipped with a blank form for visitors to fill out when they have questions or concerns.  There must be a quick response in place, as well.  People should not have to wait for their answers for more than a day.

The site should tell the public a bit “About Us”

The “About Us” section of a website is just as important as the “Contact Us” portion.  Telling the public a little bit about some of the key players in the organization is a great way to begin building rapport with web users.

When people feel like they can relate to other people in the organization, they are more likely to continue doing business with that organization.  The “About Us” page builds the company’s relationship with the online community.

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