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Pros and Cons of Cashless Economy (2022)

Because of the scarcity of liquid funds accessible to the general population, demonetisation induced individuals to choose cashless transactions. The government seized virtually all-black cash and a lot of digital payment systems arrived into existence which motivated individuals to move to cashless transactions.

In the past, individuals were hesitant to accept cashless transactions because of insufficient knowledge about them, safety considerations, and insufficient availability of the internet and mobile phones, particularly in outlying areas. Due to the technological restoration that’s taken place during the last 5 years, mobile phones and the internet have arrived in every home, forcing people to adjust to the cashless phone system.

The arrival of demonetization has prompted the general public to open numerous bank accounts, which might assist in the increase of cashless transactions for free. Presently, individuals are embracing the procedure as a result of its smoothness, clarity and higher amount of bank transactions.

Pros of Cashless Economy

Limited Cash fraud

Many fraudulent activities as well as the risk of theft are going to likely be cut down to the minimum. Due to demonetisation, the risk of theft will automatically be reduced as banks are not going to accept the banned notes. 

International payments are easier

For people that plan to go overseas, the exchange of money is going to be a monotonous job. For these folks, cashless payment may be the ideal alternative.

No Forged Currency

The valuations of forged currency are going to be declared useless. Individuals who participate in social evil tend to accumulate wealth in money. This accrued money will likely be rendered ineffective as a result of the note ban and after the cashless economy came into existence. In case individuals put their cash in a bank account, the federal government is going to ask them about their sources of earnings. 

Easy Payments

The cashless transaction provides all over the country simpler payment. For an instance, people who want to transfer cash across India can readily do so using NEFT. Since digitalisation came into existence, at some point every person should have the ability to obtain electronic literacy, therefore minimising the problem of money transferring and also ensuring much more honest transactions.

A transparent System

Transparency and fault are likely to be improved by digital payments. Improvement in a society with liabilities is only able to occur in a cashless economy. 

Cons of Cashless Economy

The disparity in Economic Status

Smartphones along with other products will grow to be more essential because the cashless system develops. In a nation such as India, in which a lot of citizens strive to meet their everyday food as well as needs, buying a smartphone is most certainly a luxury these people can’t afford. In case the principle of a cashless economy gets to become common, inequality can be observed in society as not everybody has got the means to purchase it.

Fraudulent Identification

The likelihood of identity theft is among the main drawbacks of an Indian subcontinent cashless economy. With every passing day, the record for fraud rises, bringing about new vulnerabilities for cybercriminals. Not everyone understands the way to make use of specialized equipment or perhaps is tech-savvy. Many individuals might wind up dissipating their private identity to perform digital transactions while doing this on a creepy online discussion board.

Chances of Cybercrime

As a result of the widespread hacking of public and private sector financial institutions and accounts, India must enhance its cybersecurity. India remains somewhat new in the cybersecurity field and that’s why there’s the risk of cybercrime.

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