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Protect Your Productivity by Maintaining Your Network

Your business depends on your network, and your network depends on expert support to keep it working and secure. Take care of your investment with a proactive approach to computer maintenance.

Rapid Response Is a Must 

If your network is breached, time is of the essence. You should secure a managed IT support services contract that includes a defined response time and description of exactly what happens when there is an incident. Your provider should give you a process that you can immediately follow when something goes wrong, along with resources it can rapidly deploy to diagnose issues and minimize downtime.

Prevention Is Cheaper Than a Cure

A computer network’s hardware will eventually wear out like any other electrical componentry. Age and usage take a toll on reliability and performance. Keeping track of the age of your equipment, especially critical items such as servers, is the best way to budget for replacement before they become critically out of date.

Software Must Be Kept Updated for Security

Many of the most dramatic data breaches in recent years were made possible by out of date software and operating systems. Modern computer hardware has a lifespan measured in years, but today’s software should be updated and patched every month. Managed IT support services monitor your network to ensure that critical updates are being performed.
Remote Possibilities Minimize Stress and Maximize Safety
Managed IT support services used to require on-site personnel or frequent travel to your site. This added cost and complexity. It also slowed down response time. But today, remote services are capable of solving most user issues and even more serious matters that may require a server restart. Monitoring hardware and software can be done constantly via a remote connection. Problems like failing drives, low memory conditions, and unusual network traffic will prompt action before the problems turn into crises.
You can avoid network problems with a contract that provides for its maintenance needs before they become critical. Not only will you avoid downtime and stress, but you’ll also actually save money!

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