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Rajkotupdates.news : ruchi soya to be renamed patanjali foods company board approves stock surges

Rajkotupdates.news : ruchi soya to be renamed patanjali foods company board approves stock surges In a move that has been long anticipated, Ruchi Soya, the Indian edible oil and soya products giant, is set to be renamed as Patanjali Foods Company. The decision was made by the board of directors of Ruchi Soya Industries Limited, which is now owned by Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurveda. This development comes after Patanjali Ayurveda acquired Ruchi Soya in 2019 for Rs 4,350 crore ($576 million). With this strategic move, Patanjali aims to strengthen its position in the Indian food market and expand its reach globally. In this article, we will explore the implications of this renaming for both companies and consumers alike.

Ruchi Soya to be renamed Patanjali Foods Company

In a recent development, Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd. has announced that it will be renamed as Patanjali Foods Company. This decision was taken by the company’s board of directors in order to align with the branding strategy of its parent company, Patanjali Ayurved Limited.

Ruchi Soya is one of India’s leading edible oil and soybean products manufacturers, and its acquisition by Patanjali Ayurved in 2019 was a major milestone for the latter. With this renaming, Patanjali aims to consolidate its position in the food processing industry and leverage Ruchi Soya’s existing distribution network to expand its product portfolio.

The rebranding exercise is expected to take place over the next few months, and will involve changes to the company’s logo, packaging, and marketing campaigns. It remains to be seen how consumers will respond to this change, but given Patanjali’s strong brand equity and reputation for quality products, it is likely that the transition will be smooth.

Board approves stock surges

The recent news of Ruchi Soya being renamed as Patanjali Foods Company has caused quite a stir in the business world. In addition to this, the board has also approved stock surges for the company, which is expected to further boost its growth and expansion plans. This move comes after Patanjali acquired Ruchi Soya in 2019 through an insolvency process.

The approval of stock surges is a significant step towards achieving Patanjali’s goal of becoming a major player in the food industry. With this move, the company will be able to raise funds for its planned expansion and diversification into new product categories. It also indicates that investors have faith in Patanjali’s vision and strategy for growth.

Overall, this decision by the board is a positive development for both Patanjali and Ruchi Soya. It will enable them to leverage their respective strengths and create a stronger brand presence in the market. As consumers, we can expect to see more innovative products from Patanjali Foods Company in the near future.

Ruchi Soya’s history

Ruchi Soya Industries Limited is a leading Indian edible oil and soy food products manufacturer. The company was founded in 1986 by Dinesh Shahra and has since grown to become one of the largest players in the Indian edible oil market. Ruchi Soya’s product portfolio includes a wide range of edible oils, vanaspati, bakery fats, and soy foods.

Over the years, Ruchi Soya has established itself as a trusted brand among consumers due to its high-quality products and commitment to innovation. The company has also been recognized for its efforts towards sustainability and responsible business practices. In 2019, Ruchi Soya was acquired by Patanjali Ayurveda Limited, which is owned by yoga guru Baba Ramdev. Since then, the company has been undergoing significant changes under Patanjali’s leadership.

Overall, Ruchi Soya’s history is one of growth and success in the Indian food industry. With its acquisition by Patanjali and the recent decision to rename it as Patanjali Foods Company, it will be interesting to see how this iconic brand continues to evolve in the coming years.

Patanjali’s planned expansion

Patanjali, the Indian consumer goods company known for its Ayurvedic products, has been on a mission to expand its reach in the market. With the acquisition of Ruchi Soya, Patanjali is now poised to take a giant leap towards achieving that goal. The company has announced plans to invest heavily in Ruchi Soya’s infrastructure and production facilities, with the aim of increasing its output and expanding its product range.

Patanjali’s planned expansion includes the introduction of new products under the Ruchi Soya brand, as well as leveraging Patanjali’s existing distribution network to increase sales. The company also plans to focus on research and development to create innovative products that cater to changing consumer preferences. With this move, Patanjali aims to become a major player in India’s fast-growing food industry.

As consumers become more health-conscious and demand for natural and organic products continues to rise, Patanjali’s expansion into the food sector seems like a smart move. By combining Ruchi Soya’s expertise in edible oil production with Patanjali’s reputation for quality and trustworthiness, the renamed Patanjali Foods Company is set to make waves in the market.

How the renaming will affect consumers

With the renaming of Ruchi Soya to Patanjali Foods Company, consumers can expect to see a shift in branding and marketing strategies. Patanjali has built a reputation for offering natural and Ayurvedic products, and this new venture will likely follow suit. Consumers who are already familiar with Patanjali’s products can expect to see a wider range of offerings from the company, including edible oils, soaps, and personal care items.

Additionally, the renaming may also lead to increased availability of Patanjali products in stores across India. With Ruchi Soya’s established distribution network, it is likely that Patanjali Foods Company will be able to reach more consumers than ever before. This could be especially beneficial for those living in rural areas where access to natural and Ayurvedic products may be limited.

Overall, the renaming of Ruchi Soya to Patanjali Foods Company is an exciting development for consumers who value natural and Ayurvedic products. With expanded offerings and increased availability, it is clear that Patanjali is committed to bringing its unique brand of wellness to even more people across India.


In conclusion, the renaming of Ruchi Soya to Patanjali Foods Company marks a significant milestone in the history of both companies. With the board’s approval and the surge in stock prices, it is clear that this move has been well-received by investors and stakeholders alike. As Patanjali continues its planned expansion, consumers can expect to see more high-quality products from the brand under its new name. Overall, this change represents a positive step forward for both companies and is sure to have a lasting impact on the Indian food industry.


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