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Refinancing An Auto Loan With Bad Credit

When you have a bit of trouble with your auto loan, car refinancing is sometimes a good option. However, some people find it hard to switch options depending on their financial situation. If you’re curious about your auto loan’s setup under a refinanced car loan, here’s a few things to remember that AAA Credit Guide recommends

How Car Refinancing Works
The best way to understand how car refinancing works is by understanding how it affects your current auto loan. Should you decide to refinance your auto loan, it essentially replaces your current auto loan with a completely new one that will have entirely different terms.
This mostly means you’re now going to pay off your current auto loan with a completely new plan courtesy of a completely different lender.
This usually means that the process of refinancing cars can be vastly different from one owner to the next. Therefore, the contracts may also work in varying ways.

  • People tend to be attracted to the notion of refinancing loans because of its ability to help us save money. Who wouldn’t want to, given that car loans are incredibly expensive in the first place.
  • Some refinanced car loans are even capable of lowering the payment for monthly terms of some of its users.
  • Some refinanced car loans even enable users to have lower interest rates, or even go for longer or shorter payment lengths on their terms.
  • Sometimes, there are also other more personal motivations for other people to have their car loans refinanced. For instance, cosigners may have to be removed.

No matter the motivation, it may still be best to look at refinanced car loans from the perspective of its many potential results.

Varying Results

When we talk about refinancing our car loans, we’re actually talking about a process that can yield a wide variety of results. By replacing an older plan with a new, refinanced plan, lenders are hoping you would be able to pay this version of the loan better than you did the other one. Meaning, whether or not this option is good for you or not depends on how you actually take the various effects below.

You May Change Loan Length
In speaking of loan terms, you can actually change the length of time it takes for you to pay the loan. Of course, some of you may want to play with this variable. However, it’s only really useful if you want some means to lower your interest rates with the help of changing loan length.
Don’t change it to an extensive future date however, as the car depreciates in value every day.

You Can Add Or Remove Cosigners

Sometimes, there can be extremely personal reasons as to why certain people in our lives have to leave us. The same applies to cosigners. If for some reason you don’t need their help anymore then it’s wise to remove them as cosigners. At the same time, if you want someone to help you as a cosigner, it’s also helpful to add them there.

  • Removing and adding someone as cosigners work best when you’re about to refinance your car loan.

You May Lower Your Monthly Payment

One of the reasons why people opt for refinanced car loans is because they need lower monthly payments. Sometimes they may think the payment is too much than their current projections, which would then urge them to take out a refinanced car loan. This is a possibility. If you ever find yourself in this situation, you can actually deal with this in two ways.

  • The first is to actually try to ask for a lower interest rate. This means you may potentially have less to pay in the span of the loan length. Sometimes this means having to extend the time you have to pay for your loan off however, which can greatly depreciate the car’s value.
  • The other method is to actually try to ask your lender to lengthen the loan term instead. This may mean having to pay more in total than what you’re going to pay before the extension, but if there’s a financial emergency, then you may not have any choice.
  • Another method is where lenders actually allow you to do both. Sometimes you can request to lower the interest rate and at the same time lengthen the period of payment. You should always ask your lender first before choosing any of these options.

Lower and Decrease Interest Rates, Charges

As described above, you are actually very capable of negotiating with lenders to be able to get yourself decreased interest rates and charges for your refinanced plan. This is a good way of saving money because this can greatly ensure you have less to pay in the long run.

  • The best way to do this is to maintain and improve your credit rating.
  • This works best if you’ve worked your way into improving your rating before refinancing your car, as your loan terms can be changed.


Car refinancing tends to be a good option, especially if you’re having a bit of a hard time dealing with your auto loan. However, always pay attention to how this can potentially affect your financial situation before you even consider refinancing your loan. Always cross-check how this can affect your future plans, and if you can deal with the new plan the refinance offers.
How’s your experience with car refinancing? Do you have other things to share with readers as well?

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