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Top Social Media Business Strategic Approaches

With millions of daily active users, social media is an important aspect in today’s business society. If you’re a business, it’s quite smart to be on it as you could be losing potential sales and new customers. Social media is a way to connect and interact with your customers and is a way to identify your business.

4 Social Media Business Strategic Approaches
In today’s world, brands and entrepreneurs need to educate and fully invest in their social media marketing strategies and really focus on engagement. If you want to learn more on how to approach this and make your 2018 business goals skyrocket – here are 4 of the best social business strategies that will really create a winning reach this year:

  1. Master the Art of Social Storytelling

Social media is a great way to tell your brand’s story – a most popular technique to gain new followers in the new days is really getting personal and real. So for instance, long gone the days where promoting and spamming people’s feeds to buy a service or product is effective; people are sick of spam and impersonal brands alike. Now, customers are seeking more authentic and relatable feeds, which is why storytelling content is all-the-rage right now. With story based content, it drives up and opens the doors to open discussion rather than clicks.
You can easily utilize storytelling through your post captions; telling a more emotional and personal story will allow more users worldwide to connect with you. Another great way is to end your post with an open-ended question. Letting your audience in and starting up a discussion.

  1. Take Time to Research Your Social Media Audience

Analytics are pretty major in the social media realm. Who is really engaging in your content? Is it mainly males, females, people in the US, young teenagers? It’s essential to know and understand your audience in order to better understand who buys your services and products.
If you do some research on your social media audience then you can easily use the data to target them specifically moving forward. Luckily, with advanced technologies, social media offers brands a way to easily track their analytics right in the same app. Each social media platform, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, may have a different audience and this is why you need to research them to correlate with your goals.

  1. Always Tag Influencers and Brands in Posts

One of the smartest and most effective way to get noticed and exposure is tagging the top people in your industry. Nowadays, this tactic is getting more attention and should be used in your day to day posts. Do some research or use popular influencer marketing tools such as Buzzsumo to help you find potential influencers to target.  Check out Buzzsumo review before buying the tool . It is the best tool for analyzing content performance across multiple channels, and finding proven viral content.

  1. Get Involved With Micro Influencers

As a business, one of the best ways to get a more real review and reach thousands of users in your niche is to work with influencers; more specifically micro influencers. Micro influencers are defined as individuals who have a following of 100K or less. The difference between micro influencers and bigger or celeb influencers is that they have a more targeted niche that can actually work in your favor.
While the number of followers may seem more beneficial, nowadays, it’s irrelevant to more companies who are looking for a specific niche. And for the record, accounts with 10,000 or less actually have a higher rate of engagement than those with a higher amount of followers. In other words, a person does not need a massive following in order to be successful. You can get the most out of micro influencers and get what you are looking for.

  1. Always Use Geotags and Hashtags on Instagram

Another great tactic to increasing exposure and/or engagement is to always tag your location and using relevant industry hashtags on Instagram. When you use a geotag for instance, people are also visiting that location can click on the geotag and see your post to later discover you. Same goes with hashtags, they are a great way to find like-minded people within your industry.

  1. Engage With Your Audience

This is a really important way to really see a growth in engagement and possible new customers. When you are a business who just posts content with no intention of responding to the comments or messages received daily; then why bother to even have it in the first place. Yes, it’s a place to help promote your business, but social media is more of a community and a way of interaction. Showing you care can be as simple as responding to a comment posted – customers will appreciate it and will continue to want to shop your products and services.

  1. Go Live

A popular and booming technique nowadays is to utilize the live feature on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. As stated numerous times, authenticity is the new definition of success. When you go live, customers are able to tune in and get their questions instantly answered as well as feel like they are meeting you in real life. Live is more compelling than a pre-recorded clip on YouTube because in the live feature there is no means to edit the clip and instead show a more authentic capture.

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