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What is Spotify Tastebudsconstinetechcrunch ?

Spotify is a popular platform, and it keeps adding new features. Spotify is now working on new features that allow social media discovery. The new feature is called Tastebuds, allowing you to see what music your friends are listening to. Spotify already has features for social media music discovery, but it had no feature until now which allowed you to interact with friends on the mobile application. Earlier, Spotify used to have a feature that allowed users to message their friends, but this feature was dropped from the mobile application. Moreover, the Friend Activity Feature is only available for Spotify desktop users.

Spotify Tastebudsconstinetechcrunch

What is Spotify Tastebudsconstinetechcrunch ?

As per an article from Josh Constine on TechCrunch, the reason why Spotify might have restricted such social features until now was to promote the company’s own playlist and discovery feature. It also helped Spotify to have a monopoly on the content and have more control over the artists. All these gave a combative negotiation power to Spotify. Now, the record labels were obliged to obey Spotify, or else Spotify might passively remove their artists from featuring on the user’s playlist.

This strategy surely worked for Spotify because it was able to make better licensing deals. Tastebuds will now allow users to know what their friends like and what they are listening to. There is also an option for the Search for the People You Follow. This option will show you what other users have been playing the most. This feature may enhance the user experience. Until now, Spotify didn’t have any such feature that allowed other users to interact with the other users. The only option was to share music through any other platform like Facebook, Instagram, or messages. So Spotify Tastebudsconstinetechcrunch means Spotify Demoes Tastebuds To Revive Social Music Discovery .

The new feature adds interesting capabilities to Spotify, but we are unsure how sustainable that will be. Even in the past, there had been features that Spotify demoed but never launched. If Spotify launches Tastebuds, it will certainly add an element of personalization and fun to the platform. Currently, there is no information about the release timelines for this new feature.

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