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The Best Tech Jobs for Computer Science Graduates

The Best Tech Jobs for Computer Science Graduates

Finding yourself nearing the end of your college course as you stare out at a world of possibility, yet not knowing which direction to turn, can be an uncomfortable position to be in. 

There is no need to panic, however, as this is a fairly common concept among many recent graduates. This does not necessarily make the situation any easier at the time, however, so in order to remain positive about what the future may have in store, it might be worth checking out some of the best tech jobs available. 

Computer science is an incredibly diverse and exciting field, so whatever you decided to specialize in, chances are, there will be a wonderful career waiting to be explored. 

Alternatively, if you wanted to widen your career possibilities even further, pursuing an online ms in computer science might be the ideal choice for you. Whichever route you decide to take, it is worth remembering that a bright future in tech is entirely possible. 

Video Game Developer

From the Breath of the Wild to the Witcher 3, behind every profoundly beautiful video game world is a dedicated team of programmers working to bring their vision to life. 

If you enjoy utilizing your computer skills in a creative and competitive environment while incorporating your love of games into your professional background, working as a developer is by no means beyond the realm of possibility for a computer science graduate. 

Some of the skills you will likely need to utilize include: 

  • Teamwork – Video game companies are a titan of the entertainment industry, many of them providing jobs for thousands of employees across a multitude of departments. In this regard, teamwork skills are a must. 
  • Dedication – Sometimes, parts of the development process will likely be grueling, so dedication and perseverance are useful traits to possess. 
  • Proficiency in a Range of Computer Languages – It is not necessarily a necessity to know all of the most popular computer languages like the back of your hand, but a rudimentary understanding and a willingness to learn is a must. 

White Hat Hacker

Cybersecurity is an incredibly important field of work to explore. It is quickly becoming a huge concern for businesses and internet users the world over, as the wealth of sensitive digital information flowing through cyberspace has the potential to directly affect the lives of many. 

Looking after this information falls upon the shoulders of the cybersecurity experts, one of which is the ethical hacker or the white hat hacker. The role will usually consist of security testing, searching for potential breach points in a computer network, and helping businesses identify where they need to improve their IT infrastructure. This is often done by taking on the role of a would-be malicious hacker in order to develop the best possible security solutions. 

This role is ideal for anyone looking to make a positive difference to the future of online security while generally making a fantastic wage at the same time. Some of the key skills you will need might include:

  • An Analytical Mindset – You will likely possess one of these already if you excel in computer science, but it is worth noting the ability to recognize patterns, understand cryptology, and quickly analyze data can be useful in this line of work.
  • Tenacity – Learning the ins and outs of a security system, cracking code, and analyzing data can take a great deal of time and a huge number of attempts. This can be repetitive, so practicing patience and tenacity is important. 
  • Knowledge of How Networks Operate – Making sure you are informed on not just the software aspects of computing, but the hardware and the network it operates on is vital. 

Web Designer

If a website ever stands out to you as being glaringly hard to navigate around while simultaneously hurting your eyes to look at, you may want to consider a career as a web designer. 

This can allow you to make sure the internet is no longer filled with hard-to-use websites and outdated scripts. Plus, it can be a highly lucrative and fulfilling career path. 

Web designers often possess a diverse skillset, along with a degree in computer science. It is a role that combines many different professional qualities, such as communication, customer service, creativity, innovation, attention to detail, and analytics. 

If you already have a good knowledge of the various coding languages used to create websites, this career choice could be perfect. Other skills worth thinking about in this area include:

  • Proficiency in Design Programs – Whether this is Photoshop, Coral, Adobe Illustrator, or a combination of all of them and more, it pays to be proficient in design programs. This will probably be an intrinsic part of your role as a web developer, so mastering them can take you far in this area. 
  • Working Closely with Clients – You will likely have to work closely with clients to help them realize their ideal vision of a website, so working on interpersonal skills and your adaptability is a must. 
  • UX and UI Design – User experience and user interface design will no doubt be essential areas to master throughout your career as a web designer, so taking some time to do some market research and keep up to date with modern trends can be highly beneficial. 

App Developer

With so many apps available across a host of different platforms, you might be struggling to find the point of developing yet another one. 

It is worth noting, however, that even some of the most seemingly pointless and unbelievable apps made their developers a great deal of money, so it is certainly an avenue worth thinking about. 

Moreover, apps in their most basic form can be relatively simple to create, particularly for someone with an idea and a degree in computer science. Skills you might need could include: 

  • Expertise in JavaScript – One of the world’s most popular programming languages, and great for building apps with. Making sure you brush up on your expertise can help you greatly. 
  • Knowledge of Various Operating Systems – Developing an app is not usually a one-size-fits-all affair, so practicing your prowess with the range of operating systems on offer can give you a distinct advantage. 
  • Understanding of the Market – Your ability to understand how to position an app in the current market will likely inform your ultimate idea, which with sufficient research behind it, can hopefully make you a wildly popular new designer. 
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