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The Key Benefits of a Content Delivery Platform

What do you know about a Content Delivery Platform (CDP)? A simplified definition of a CDP would be that it is an interface that consists of contextualized information that is dynamically tailored to a user along with their moment and their channel. Additionally, a CDP will possess core capabilities that are very strong simply because they possess components that are very technologically advanced. Of course, that isn’t the key hallmark of a content delivery platform. According to the experts at Contentful, “A digital delivery platform should pull your people, technology, and processes together into an efficient digital delivery pipeline.” Of course, there is more to learn about CDPs as well. Consider the following:

A CDP can be a tremendous asset to all of your endeavors if you know how to use it correctly.

The Key Benefits of a Content Delivery Platform

Since a digital delivery platform is a software solution where you can collect content from all of your existing sources, it can give you the ability to transform this content into actionable information. Moreover, a CDP will give you the ability to make this information accessible to both processes and applications alike. A solid CDP will usually manifest itself into four different steps:


In this step, content will be fetched from a number of different sources. The most common of these would be structured records, unstructured records, and even textual documents.


In order to make the information actionable, the content will have to be turned into fine-grained elements that have been enriched and reconciled.


This part will enable the user to not only receive their applications, but to process the information in a fully tailored and contextual way.


Finally, there is optimization, which is a way to analyze content consumption, thereby increasing engagement and proactivity.

A solid CDP will offer a single access point.

This is very advantageous to your endeavors simply because it will give you one place that will unify all of your information, thereby giving you the ability to solve business challenges throughout the whole enterprise.

A solid Content Platform (CDP) will offer consistency.

How does having all of your formats and metadata working exactly the way it’s supposed to sound to you? That is what you will experience if you have an effective CDP interface.

A top-notch CDP will take all of the security rules seriously.

When it comes to security rules, you are probably well aware that there are some programs that don’t seem to take it seriously. However, the best Content Delivery Platforms will not only take these security rules seriously, but they will also adapt them to a variety of security situations, tailoring them to the profile of the users in a centralized manner.

A good CDP works with multiple channels.

Do you want to work with more than one channel? Well, the best CDPs will allow you to have dissemination through as many channels as you want. Content is at the heart of every digital experience, and you only have one opportunity to do it right, so don’t settle for second-best when it comes to your CDP choice.

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