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The Most Convenient Way To Split or Extract a Page From Your PDF File

The Most Convenient Way To Split or Extract a Page From Your PDF File

A PDF file is a great format, especially if you want to compress the file size of your element-packed word or PowerPoint document. But it also has a disadvantage. Once you render your file as a PDF, you can not modify it anymore. Go back to the original document to edit changes and then save it again as a PDF. 

Because of the fact that you cannot easily modify a PDF, if you want to extract a page from your file, it will be hard for you to do so, especially if you do not have the word or PowerPoint format of your PDF file. Worry not, PDFbear got your back. You can extract pages from your PDF file in a matter of seconds with four easy steps.

What is PDFbear, and why is it the best option to extract a page from a PDF file? 

PDFbear is a platform that allows you to modify your PDF file in lightning. For this article, we will be focusing on how to extract pages from your PDF. There are hundreds of other platforms that can perform this service. All you have to do is put in your search engine, Split PDF Online, and it will lead you to various platforms that perform the job. 

PDFbear, However, is a platform of high-caliber. It has distinct features that set it apart from other platforms for PDF modifications. It offers its users several functions so they could have control of how they want to modify their PDF files. In splitting your PDF, you can split it into individual pages, or you can extract a specific page from the document. 

The platform recognizes the privacy rights of its users. Some people may find it uncomfortable to upload their files on the internet, especially if the website might use it without their authorization. However, provided in PDFbear’s privacy policy is to protect its users’ files and permanently delete uploaded files in their server.

You need not download anything. It does all the Splitting process online. You only need an internet connection and a device. You also do not have to worry about your storage being affected since the operations will be saved in a cloud. Its cloud storage also allows you to access your file anytime and anywhere. 

PDFbear prides itself on the convenience it gives to its users. Suppose it worries you that there might be compatibility issues between the platform and your device. In that case, the creators will assure you that the website is designed to operate on a wide variety of operating systems like Mac, Windows, or Linux. You can also use it through your tablets or phones. 

How to Split PDF images

As mentioned above, convenience and PDFbear go side by side. The steps are pretty much easy to follow. Just a few clicks and everything will be done by the platform itself. The first step you have to do is choose a PDF file from your device, which you want to split or extract a page from. You may also drag and drop the file in the toolbox. 

After uploading a file, you will see it on the platform. From there, choose the pages you want to split it into. You may select a single page or multiple pages, depending on what you need. After you’ve finished choosing, click to refine the pages chosen and export them to individual PDFs. After a short while of waiting, your Split PDF is ready for download and sharing. 


PDF, while a good format, can give you a hard time, especially if you want to apply modifications yet in a hurry. Unfortunate circumstances that demand you to have abrupt changes on PDF are the reason why you need to know PDFbear. PDFbear will help you modify your PDF files, specifically split and extract pages from it.

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