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3 Tips to Improve Your Dry Cleaning Business

Clothing styles and materials have changed a lot over the last several decades, with work attire becoming more casual and fewer natural fibers stocking the shelves. Due to this shift, there is less need for crisply pressed shirts and trousers.

With fewer people utilizing such services, owners of laundering businesses are looking at different ways to bring customers in the door. Whether through a software for dry cleaner specific sales, or additional laundry services, here are three tips that can help move your company into the future.

1. Acknowledge the Regular Chores

An increase in synthetic fabrics means clothes need less ironing and can be laundered at home or the laundromat. This convenience has also led to more laundry the average person must do on their own. Even though the clothing might not require dry cleaning, shift your business’ attention to taking care of the rest of the load. Wash, press, and fold it all and you can win back a large clientele.

2. Value Your Client’s Time

It is a savvy business that adds pick-up and delivery to their menu of options. This mobile service saves your clients time, but it also allows you to keep your company locations to a cost-effective limit and minimizes the amount of square footage needed for staff and customers. Even better, by reducing the amount of driving your customers would normally do, you are promoting a cleaner environment.

3. Create a Seamless Experience

Providing your customers an efficient and seamless way of using your services will pay off in the long run. No one likes to double-check their invoice or struggle with communication blocks, so focus on improving every aspect of your customer’s experience. By investing in good software and proper training, you and your staff will be able to build a solid reputation based on customer satisfaction.

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