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Too many redirects iPhone

Too many redirects iPhone

Can’t open the page because too many redirects occurred is one of the common issues that you may come across. This occurs when you open a page redirected to another page. Again this page goes redirected to open the original page. Webpage redirecting too many times gives the indication that it might have been set up in a way to cause a redirect loop. 

Choose browser >>> Preferences from the menu bar.

Click the Privacy icon.

Click here on the option to Manage Website Data.

Use the search field to find the name of the redirecting website.

Select the website

Click Remove. This option causes the removal of the stored data for the website, including cache and cookies.

Click Done, then close Safari preferences.

If the issue continues, repeat these steps; instead of clicking Remove, click Remove All.

Method #1. Closing the website’s browser tab

The update caused a “too many redirects” error.

Tabs button at the bottom right

For closing the tab:

Open the tab

Press the Tabs button right of the screen that can help you to see all open browser tabs

  1. Closing the browser tab by pressing ‘x.’

Press ‘x’ at the top left

The webpage gets closed.

Method #2. Closing all browser tabs

When closing a single tab doesn’t solve the issue, try closing all browser tabs. Clear browser tabs for privacy.

Close all browser tabs:

Press and hold the Tabs button.

Select Close All [#] Tabs

Method #3: Ensuring accessing a mobile website

 “Could not open the page, too many redirects” error occur if you are accessing the desktop version rather than the mobile version. Prevent the error from occurring, and you can do that by deleting a link to the desktop version. Then navigate to the mobile-optimized site via my phone and make sure you’ve copied and saved the link to the mobile website.

Final Thoughts

These steps will help in troubleshooting the errors and fixing the issues. Do fix these issues by following the steps.

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