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Top 5 Android Apps which Sharpens your Memory

Top 5 Android Apps which sharpens your memory

If you are completely lost and blank, then you cannot enjoy life. After all, memory has an immense role to play or else you will surely be confused to the core. Loss of memory might even lead to bitter relations especially if you have forgotten some thing or the other which has either been told you or you said to some one else. In such a fast paced life, inevitably there are occasions where one or the other person faces such situations which literally take a toll in their lives. However, now you do not have to worry since thanks to the following article, you are going to know the top 5 best Android Apps which sharpens your memory. Since, now your prized Smartphone will surely become even more coveted than ever before

Math Workout

Puzzles give the perfect reason for enhancing your mind since they are synonymous with intricate situations and as you tax your mind towards solving them, you indeed help towards polishing your skills even further. This will even help in removing the embedded fear as every one usually have for Mathematics. Hence, it has dual benefits which will help you towards enjoying to the fullest.

Scrambled Net

The world respects creativity and innovativeness and this game ensures the perfect reflection of the same as well. It enhances the skills related to the way you plan as the formation of the game is as such where you are supposed to connect one server with various computers. Your skills matter here since there should not be any computer which is left unattached from the server.

Word Search

According to a saying, “Old is Gold” and this game stands out to be the testimony to the same as well. Although, being referred as quite old, yet it has enough potential of enhancing the power of mind to the core. Your task is to get hold of the words amongst various different letters. You can register your victory in the game by remembering and focusing on just one word. The game teaches you highly important skills of focusing on single things in order to solve the situations. Therefore, its utility is certainly manifolds in the world. Isn’t it?

Memory Trainer

How can you overlook this wonderful and awesome app if you want to boost your memory? The app is synonymous with various tips as well as exercises and there happens to be whopping 20 sessions. As you advance further sessions, the challenges increases further. The best thing with this app is that it lets you showcase the improvement of memory through the use of graphical form.

Brain Lab

Looking to ascertain your memory power? If yes, then there should not be any other app which gives justice than this app since it basically tests your memory skills and give marks accordingly. You can compare with your friends along with others across the globe. In the event when the score of your memory is low, the app will help you with the tips so that you can work on improving your memory.

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