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Top 5 Coffee Shop Business Ideas

Coffee is a billion-dollar business. It is super competitive and saturated yet super rewarding at the same time, which is why if you want to be successful, you must uniquely build your coffee shop. 

You may be someone who dreamed of having a coffee shop one day somewhere that you can get your friends and family to come in and host a community that is relaxing, fun and chill at the same time. Yet, you don’t know what type of coffee shop you want to create because the possibility is endless, and the problem is that the coffee shop business is highly competitive

So for you to succeed, you need to go one step above everyone else, above the white wall minimalist coffee shop that’s always around the cities, or the hipster wooden frames with some plants to stand out.

In this article, we will share with you five unique coffee shop business ideas from around the world so you can draw inspiration and creativity to build out your coffee shop.

Main Street Cafe

The first unique coffee shop business is the main street cafe. A massive New York city themed Cafe that has several stories imbibed on the Cafe floors. The Cafe is designed with unique themed rooms filled with wall mirrors and impeccable chairs purchased from trusted cafe furniture suppliers that show you are now in times square and are perfect for photo opportunities. Even the exterior is painted with small murals of the empire state building with iconic yellow cab sand to pull the whole theme together. The food they offer is massive sugary milkshakes that are chocolate and strawberry flavored, American cheeseburger, quesadilla, and barbecued chicken wings. These cafes are so popular that even k-pop stars were filming their music videos and their drama shows in these coffee shops. 

Touch 24 Cafe

Touch 24 cafe became popular quite recently. These are unmanned cafes where there’s no staff in the shop, and you should select customize and pay for your drink. The pretty insane part is that they operate 24 hours, and all you have to do is walk in and order your drink from this massive screen just like McDonald’s, and automatically your drink pops up. This kind of Cafe infrastructure needs to be maintained without any technical or industrial failures. 

Hence, all the goods need to be purchased from trusted aftermarket auto parts manufacturers for durability. This type of Cafe is not going to work in every single city. They are best suited for people who are not much concerned about the aesthetics of the Cafe but rather grab a cup of coffee and food on their way to work. You can cut down a lot on active labor for these Cafes. 

Space Is Filled With You.

For most people, experience matters when they step into a cafe. Space filled with you is a cafe with a personal touch with a thrilling experience. You can have a cup of coffee while writing a letter to your future self, surrounded by breathtaking aesthetics. You buy this letter set for around three dollars, and if you want to add a wax seal on top of it, you can add a dollar. 

After you write your letter, you put it into a slot. This slot indicates a future date that the cafe owners will go and mail the letter back to you, and this whole experience is lovable and memorable. Customers build a special bond with the Cafe over time and often visit.

Coffee Doses

The coffee dose is a little bit different. These Cafes are much edgier, and even their tagline states, “This is not your grandma’s coffee shop”, because their brand pushes the boundary with swearing and offensive words on the stickers of the custom coffee cups picked up from a take away box supplier. Customers can choose from a plethora of stickers to stick to their cups. 


Identity and character are established to the client when they choose these stickers, and the Cafe takes a firm stand on who they are and appreciates them for being raw and authentic. It establishes a sense of freedom and trust among the customers. Some of the quirky quotes on the stickers are “No Karen, you can’t talk to the manager”, “We survived a pandemic, we’ll survive your shitty yelp review”, and “Calm the hell down”. 

Peach Gray Cafe

Another Instagram-friendly coffee shop idea is Peach Gray cafe. Peach Gray Cafe is a very popular watercoloring cafe in South Korea where you are not just going to enjoy the tasty drinks but also jiggly fluffy pancakes while you make your artwork. All orders come with watercolor paints, paper, and a paintbrush. 


You can paint while sipping your coffee with your family and friends, talking about some gossip. Customers can stick their painted pictures to the art wall, which gives them a fulfilled experience and makes them visit your Cafe.


Building a Coffee shop seems like a piece of cake but making money is not relatively easy. Think about the coffee shop ideas discussed in this article and grow your wealth and fame.


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