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Top 6 Educational Apps for iPhone

With the further advancement in technology, children are growing up in a digital age where it almost seems as if knowing how to work a smart phone and tablet is inbred within them.
Since they are fascinated by these technological toys, there are different apps you can buy that are educational and entertaining. Mobile application design is a vital factor to reaching your audience (especially when it comes to children) because the presentation matters as much as the content.

Here are the 6 best educational apps in content and design:
Top 6 Educational Apps for iPhone
1. My First Classical Music App:
This app creates a sophisticated world for the user once they enter into all of its features. By combining modern music with classical music, this app feels both relatable and entertaining.
This app offers the information about composers and instruments as well as interactive opportunities to listen to different pieces of composers, genres, and instruments.
2. Visit the Zoo Interactive Environment Series
This app offers users the ability to explore different animal habitats, learn information about animals, and take interactive quizzes.
This app combines the entertainment value of a computer game or video game, but parallels it with fascinating facts to bring out the veterinarian in all of us.
3. Make Math Work
Make Math Work is a series of different apps that provide help in math. For elementary students, parents, or teachers, this app provides the answers you need in a format that is easy to follow. It shows you step by step how to complete a problem and find the right answer.
4.  Scout’s ABC Gardening by LeapFrog
 In this app, parents can set the app up for their child by telling the app their child’s name, favorite food, color, etc.. When the child is using the app, an interactive green dog will use that supplementary information to talk to your child and guide them through letter and number activities.
5.  Stack the States
Learning the states and capitals is not always easy. This app provides the state shapes, abbreviations, and capitols in an interactive game of stacking cartoon looking states in order to pass onto the next level. With each level completed, a piece of the US map is completed. It is a fun app to use over and over again while helping your child learn the material.
6. Art
This app shows the artists and their masterpieces (15 in the free app and over 200 in the paid version). This app allows for the user to find an artist and scroll through their masterpieces, listen to music while they do it, make their own gallery with their favorite pieces, and you can test your knowledge on which work goes with which artist through various quizzes.

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Technology can offer our children a whole new world in education. Games are no longer just a snake getting bigger and bigger on our brick-like cell phones; they are interactive, educational tools to help our children grow

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