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Top Hacks for Creating the Perfect Seal 

There are many reasons why you would need a tight seal in your home – whether this is keeping out draughts or soundproofing a room. Sealant is a commonly found product in the boxes of DIYers and professional tradespeople all over the land. However, it is not enough to have these products – you also need to be able to use them successfully. So, here are a few hacks for creating the perfect seal. 

Create a Straight Line with Masking Tape 

To ensure that you are sealing up the area in a straight line, you can use masking tape. Essentially, you need to cover up both sides of the line that you are sealing up while leaving enough of a gap to ensure that you can get the sealant inside. You should also make sure that you remove the tape before the sealant is dry. 

Choose the Best Type of Sealant 

There are several different types of sealant out there, so you need to choose from a range of sealant products. Ultimately, you should look at what type of surfaces and materials that you are working with. You should bear in mind that some are better for either indoor or outdoor usage, whereas others can be used in a wide range of different situations. Some of it is going to withstand all types of weather conditions, whereas other stuff will not, so do plenty of research beforehand. 

Use Straws for Tighter Spaces 

When you are applying your sealant, you may well find that there are some spaces that are too tight for a standard caulk gun. In this situation, you can use a straw. Essentially, you just have to cut the straw at a 45-degree angle and chop it to the desired size. All you need to do is attach the spout end with tape and continue sealing in your normal way with a more precise tool. 

Unclog a Blocked Tube with Screws 

Often, if you have not cleaned off the excess sealant, you can easily find that it has become clogged up with the old stuff. In this situation, you can use screws with harsher heads to drive into the dried sealant, which will allow you to clear the spout and avoid the wastage of perfectly good product. 

Apply Rubbing Alcohol to Get Rid of Revenue 

Speaking of residue, one of the ways that you can clean up after using sealant is with rubbing alcohol. As this is a fast-drying product, you can simply wipe it on and be ready to start sealing again before you know it. 

Time to DIY 

Hopefully, the advice in this blog post gives you a little bit more guidance about how you can use sealant more effectively. Essentially, these are small and simple hacks, but they can all add up to making a big difference in what you are trying to do. Plus, many of the products mentioned in this article are all readily available and can be found around the house easily. 


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