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Types of IP Cameras

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Keeping your home or business secure can sometimes seem like an uphill battle, but having the right tools can go a long way to giving you peace of mind. Using video surveillance, you not only equip your property with an effective deterrent, but should a crime occur you also significantly improve your chance of catching the perpetrator.  Of course, different cameras have different capabilities, so if you are looking at IP cameras in Miami it helps to know what you are looking for.

IP Cameras vs Other Cameras

In the early days of security cameras, every system operated with analogue technology, capturing video and recording it on a storage device; namely a security tape. As technology developed, digital storage took over and instead of having to replace security tapes, information could be stored digitally. Over time, the storage capacity continued to grow to the point that users can go for days without worrying about too overwhelming the storage.
Despite this, these cameras still suffer from the weakness of needing a local storage device to keep the information. With that in mind, IP cameras in Miami have become a much more popular option for the modern consumer, offering more complete protection. These IP cameras operate on a network, allowing it to send the signal virtually anywhere. This gives modern companies a distinct advantage, allowing them to record more footage and monitor it more freely.

Centralized IP Cameras

Most IP cameras in Miami utilize a centralized system. Under a centralized system, the camera needs to be part of a network video recorder (NVR), which integrates recording of the video, access systems, and the alarm all in one place. Though the video is recorded locally in a centralized system, it is also stored on the network, allowing you to view a live feed remotely by logging into the system.

Decentralized IP Cameras

As an alternative to a centralized system, some companies also offer decentralized IP cameras. A decentralized camera has a recording device built directly into it, which allow you to choose how to store the data. You can opt to use a storage device and do so locally, or you can connect it to a network and record the footage that way. If you really hope to utilize the utility of an IP camera, you will most often opt to connect these cameras to a network as well.

Ultimately, IP cameras have presented a significant step forward in the monitoring and surveillance technology, offering users the best in protection against property damage and theft. According to studies done at both Rutgers University and the University of North Carolina, simply having these systems can act as a significant deterrent in preventing crime. Furthermore, if a crime should occur on the property, having IP cameras in Miami can help ensure that you are more easily able to catch the perpetrator.
With Miami’s high level of property crimes, it is important to take every step possible to ensure that your home or business remain safe and secure. IP cameras may be just the tool you need to do this.

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