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Vivun Saas Series salesforce Uipathmillertechcrunch

Vivun – Start of a New Pre-Sale Era

Pre-sales have become an integral part of businesses and have changed how product is sold or purchased. Today, the client wants to try the product before buying the product. This is where the pre-sale team comes into the picture. Vivun is one such tool that is trying to digitalize the pre-sale process, making the process more efficient. Vivun has successfully gotten the attention of investors, and this digital solution has proven to accelerate the growth of many companies.

Vivun Saas Series salesforce Uipathmillertechcrunch

What is Vivun Saas Series salesforce Uipathmillertechcrunch ?

Vivun is digitizing pre-sales, and just got $75M in new investment !!!!!!

Today, buyers don’t fall for old-school sales tactics, and spamming them with emails or calls would frustrate them. The right way to make a pitch would be to offer trial access to the user. The experience helps the user in judging the usability of the solution. Vivun has three products to offer. Hero allows you to manage your pre-sale team and automate some core business tasks. The second product, ‘Eval,’ helps you run the POCs faster and improves the chance of making the sale. The third offering from Vivun is ‘Revel,’ which makes it easy to deliver sales demos.

In a Series C investment round, Vivun secured a $75m investment. The investment was offered by the existing investor Salesforce Ventures, Menlo Ventures, Accel, and Unusual Ventures. There were also new entries in the list of investors. Some of its customers of Vivun are UiPath, Genesys, and Snowflake.

The investors can see the value offered by Vivun and understand that the software can maximize the presales impact. In addition, Vivun also helps the brand establish trust and rapport with the buyer. Moreover, the data pointers gathered by Vivun help the product team generate more opportunities. These pointers offer amazing inputs to the management and the presales team to manipulate the sales strategy for a better conversion rate.

Ron Miller has compiled a very interesting thread on Vivun where he has talked about the tool and the investment it can gather. He has followed up on all the investment rounds where Vivun was able to secure the investment. In an exclusive interview with Matt Darrow, the architect of Vivun, Ron Miller got interesting insights about the business of Vivun. Ron shared the growth prospects that the founders highlighted, and he also shared how the company is trying to grow further. It will be an interesting read for you, and you must check out Ron’s opinion about Vivun and its market strategy.

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