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What Does Your Smartphone Warranty Cover?

The smartphone that you just bought came with a warranty. You’re not exactly sure what problems that warranty can cover for you. Read ahead to find out what you can expect from it.

The Basics of a Manufacturer’s Warranty:

Your smartphone will come with a manufacturer’s warranty. This is a warranty offered to all users for a limited amount of time (typically, it will last for a year). Once you’ve surpassed that deadline, the warranty will be defunct, and the coverage offered from it will disappear.

So, what does a manufacturer’s warranty do? A manufacturer’s warranty offers users coverage for device repairs, replacements and refunds when there are manufacturing defects. These defects include mechanical, electrical and software issues that show up within the timeline of the warranty.

A manufacturer’s warranty does not cover smartphone repairs, replacements and refunds for issues that are at the fault of the user. If your smartphone has suffered water damage after you dropped it into a puddle, this warranty will not offer coverage. If you dropped your smartphone and cracked the screen, this warranty will not offer coverage. And if you decided to try to repair your smartphone on your own and failed, this warranty will not offer coverage.

A manufacturer’s warranty also does not handle issues like smartphone loss or theft. As you can see, its purpose is limited. It’s beneficial in very specific circumstances.

The Basics of Extended Warranties:

When you’re purchasing your smartphone, the provider might give you the option to join an extended warranty program.

What’s the difference between a basic manufacturer’s warranty and an extended warranty program? Generally, extended warranty programs increase the type of coverage you will receive and extend the length of time that you will receive it. Extended warranties are paid programs, so as long as you continue to pay, you’ll remain covered.

What type of coverage will you get? An extended warranty plan will offer coverage for manufacturing defects. In addition, you may get coverage for repairs and replacements related to problems that are considered the fault of the user, such as water damage or cracked screens.

Certain extended warranty programs also offer coverage for situations like smartphone loss and theft. For instance, the Applecare+ extended warranty offers an add-on for theft and loss coverage. You will have to have Find My iPhone enabled on your device in order to be eligible for this type of coverage.

It’s not likely that these repairs and replacements will be completely free of charge. But you should have discounted rates that users without extended warranties will not receive. So, it could make these situations much more affordable to deal with.

Paying without Warranties:

When you need smartphone repairs, and you’re out of warranty, you’ll have to cover the entirety of the service costs out of pocket. These repairs may not be incredibly expensive. For instance, replacing your old smartphone battery typically costs less than $100 to complete.

It’s possible that you don’t have $100 to spare in that moment. If it’s an emergency and you need to get your smartphone fixed right away, you could use your credit card to cover the repair costs quickly and pay down your balance later. And there are always quick loans when you need them. What makes these loans quick is the speedy nature of their application process.

An emergency expense is the best time to consider this option. As long as you meet the eligibility requirements, you can fill out the application for a quick loan online. You just might get approved. Then you could use your loan to pay off the repair costs and move on.

Learn the limits of your smartphone warranties. You’ll want to know what coverage you have when disaster strikes!


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