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What is Power BI Used For?

A well-presented data is the need of every company now so as to make meaningful decisions and witness good growth. In today’s competitive world, it is necessary to assist businesses in quickly identifying data trends. The graphical and pictorial presentation of data sets helps data analysts to present new patterns and trending concepts. We are witnessing a surge in data generated every day, so making sense of the quintillion bytes of data is impossible without data visualization. Data visualization is crucial as it allows patterns and trends to be more easily seen. 


Data Visualization is the process of data representation with the help of charts, graphs, and other visual formats. It represents relationships of the data with images and other information. Almost all companies require to interpret increasingly larger batches of data. Data visualization makes it easier to represent data. It is not only important for data analysts and data scientists but it is necessary to have knowledge of data visualization in any career. 


There are many data visualization tools available in the market. One of them that stands out from others is Microsoft Power BI. It is being adopted by a large number of companies these days. In fact, many professionals are looking for certification courses that can help learn more about the tool and achieve a Power BI certification to make their portfolio strong. In this article, we will talk more about Power BI and its uses in the tech industry. 

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a business analytics service by Microsoft. It is a collection of applications, services, and data visualization products for individuals and teams. Basically, it is a suite of business intelligence (BI) tools. It stands out with distribution capabilities and streamlined publication along with integration with other Microsoft services and products. It is known as an analytics and visualization tool for business intelligence (BI). Power BI aims to provide business intelligence and interactive visualization capabilities with an interface that is simple enough for end-users to build their own dashboards and reports. It provides tools for aggregating, analyzing, visualizing, and sharing data for non-technical business users.




Power BI is a kind of business analytics solution that allows you to represent your data and share insights across your company or implement them in your website or app. Power BI is teamwork that includes many products and services and values the versatility that comes from leveraging the individual elements. It helps you to pull data from a wide range of systems in the cloud and create dashboards that can track the metrics. 


Power BI works at different levels through its several tools such as Power BI services, Power BI Desktop, Power BI Pro, Power BI Premium, Power BI Mobile, Power BI Report Server, Power BI Embedded, Power BI Visuals Marketplace, Power BI Gateway, etc. These services can do a lot more than visualize data, from providing AI insights to curating data to use elsewhere. Power BI is a very versatile self-service tool that requires little upfront training to move ahead. 

Uses of Power BI

The main use of Power BI is to find insights within an organization’s data. It is used to connect disparate data sets, transform and clean the data into a data model, and present in the form of a chart or graph to visualize the data. All these can also be shared with other power BI users within the organization. 


Power BI tool is mostly used by business intelligence professionals and data analysts who create the data models before disseminating reports within the organization. But it can also be used by professionals who don’t have an analytical background. They can navigate Power BI and make reports. With the following mentioned points, we can see how Power BI can be used in many ways. 

  • Power BI Services

Power BI service is a cloud service that allows users to view reports, dashboards, and Power BI apps. It can combine other related reports and dashboards through mobile apps or web browsers for Windows, iOS, and Android. 

  • Power BI Desktop

It is a free, self-service report authoring and data analysis tool that can be installed on a Windows computer. The attraction for this feature is that it can be connected to more than 70 on-premises cloud data sources to transform data/information into interactive visuals. It can be used to connect data, transform and model the data, create graphs, charts, dashboards, and reports. It is also used for sharing reports with others. 

  • Power BI Pro

It is a chargeable cloud-based software with a monthly fee of $10 per user. Power Bi Pro has the ability to collaborate with other Power BI users, distribute reports and visualize to other subscribers within the organization. With this pro-level service, users can embed Power BI visuals into Power BI apps, share dashboards, reports, and data with other Power BI users, and integrate with other Microsoft solutions like Azure data services. It is also used to create workspaces and sharing dashboards and reports. 

  • Power BI Premium

It provides an organized space and capacity in a Microsoft-hosted cloud to share reports. Power BI Premium has greater performance and scale than shared capacity in the Power BI services. It provides the ability to maintain BI assets on-premises with Power BI Report Server. 

  • Power BI Mobile Applications

It has apps for Android, iOS, and Windows 10 mobile devices that allow users to connect and interact with data. 

  • Power BI Report Server

It is also an on-premises report server that helps in creating reports in Power BI Pro or Desktop. It allows users to use Report Servers to access those reports on a mobile device or web browser. This service is useful for companies that have restrictions on cloud services.

  • Power BI Embedded

It allows developers to embed Power BI reports and dashboards into other applications within both their own organization and or in an application for a customer or client who doesn’t have a Power BI account.


So it is up to an organization whether Power BI is right for them or not. It all depends on some of the key features or Power BI advantages. It is easy to start and offers real-time information. It also offers the ability to customize the Power BI app navigation and customize security features. So it is worth using Microsoft Power BI for organizational growth. 



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