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White Glove Logistics, the future looks healthy

The transportation of healthcare equipment is a serious one, often involving multi-million-pound machinery and equipment, usually on a budget, a tight schedule and met by high demands. No small feat by any means and a worthy challenge to accomplish.

As such it comes as no surprise that the healthcare logistics market is huge with a choice of options to match. This is great news for the consumer because we all know that with competition comes competitive services and pricing.

If you are in the need of such a service then you may wish to enquire further about healthcare logistics from Rhenus High Tech, one of the markets leading logistic specialists.

When moving heavy and extremely valuable machinery you are going to want to be sure that it is going to be in safe hands throughout its journey from pickup to delivery. On and off of enormous trucks, fork lifts or trollies, maybe taking a short stop at a logistics warehouse perhaps or even overnight.

Using multi-million-pound equipment and things like ‘enormous truck, fork lifts or trollies and warehouse ‘sure puts the mind into overdrive. How on earth will our goods we as they were through-out such a move? 

White glove logistics’ that’s how. A reasonably new term introduced to the process of moving delicate and or highly valuable equipment and machinery due to the increased demand for a specialist level of handling care.

You might also see this term being used when you go onto companies’ websites. ‘Last mile services’ this term refers to the last phase of your equipment’s journey, usually from a logistics depot to your chosen destination. Both cover the same criteria in terms of care.

Whilst looking into the world of logistics we found this interesting read regarding outsourcing. Well worth a read if outsourcing is ever a topic of conversation in your business. 

With such a responsibility on our hands it is important that we choose a company that has a proven track record, qualifications to match, testimonials that they are happy for you to follow up on. Most importantly though, we want to find a company that does exactly what they say they will do and that handles your equipment with care.

With such a diverse range to choose from we have put together a check list to help with your search.

  • Coverage, find out first of all which areas the company operate in. Some only operate locally whereas other operate on a global scale. This may save you time before you get into a conversation.
  • Areas of expertise, some providers are ‘general practitioners’ which is ok but they don’t appear to specialise in any particular area. With healthcare equipment you really do want a specialist, a team of experts who have experience with your type equipment and needs.  
  • Level of service, some companies offer additional services for example (uninstalling upon pick up and re-installing your equipment after delivery.) One less thing for you to think about.
  • White glove services/last mile services, a must when handling delicate or highly valuable goods. When you see these terms used it can give you confidence that you will be receiving a premium service with the upmost of care and attention.
  • Accreditations, make sure that the company you are considering is qualified in the specialist area you require. For example, with healthcare equipment it might be important to you that the company is registered to work with X-ray devices.

Further information about logistics can be found here.

Good luck with your move and do be sure to contact one of the market leaders to ensure your move is a healthy one.


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