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Why These iPhone Cases And 4 Accessories Are On Trend This 2021

Modern-day smartphones come with a great deal of hardware and software that support hundreds of apps. This means that once you buy a smartphone, you already have a complete device that can help you handle your day-to-day tasks. But even so, you can still enhance their functionality by using several accessories like iphone protector cover, iphone privacy screen etc. In this article, you’ll get to know the top accessories trend this year.

Why These iPhone Cases And 4 Accessories Are On Trend This 2021

  • Phone cases

It’s the age of individualism, and this isn’t going to change any time soon. In this sense, you wouldn’t want a phone that looks similar to every other person at your workplace, school, or home. If you own an iPhone, millions of other people have exactly the same model as yours, and you can’t miss dozens of people with the same phone in your immediate vicinity. To make your phone stand out from the rest of the crowd, you need to get customized iPhone cases from reputable dealers. (1)

You can also ask them to customize the print on your case to whatever picture or piece of art you desire. The result is a phone that makes a bold statement of your sense of style and personality.

While there are many custom phone case sellers out there, online dealers such as Pixels are an excellent go-to option given that they source thousands of art pieces from artists across the globe from which you can choose one, which they can print on your phone case.

  • Smart watches

Smart watches have become a critical smartphone accessory, owing to their ease of access. Many people find that it’s challenging to have their phones in their hands all the time as they go about their days. And that means they can miss important notifications or calls whenever they stash their phones in their pockets or bags.

But with a smart watch that you wear on your wrist, you’re able to instantly receive notifications, accept or reject calls, and even ask voice questions. That makes it very convenient for you, as you can proceed with whatever you’re doing but still have the capacity to watch out for incoming notifications. (2)

  • Selfie ring light

While the first selfie was painted in 1524, the emergence of smartphones toward the close of the 20th century elevated the selfie culture to a whole new level. And as of now, the younger generation takes millions of selfies each day. (3)

If you’re in this group of selfie lovers, you’d want to perfect your self-portraits by investing in a selfie ring light. It’s a handy smartphone accessory as it perfectly illuminates your face, resulting in an engaging photo that captivates the beholder. Furthermore, it’s not only useful in the dark—using it in daylight makes your skin appear softer and smoother, which is the desire of virtually everyone who loves selfies.

  • 360-degree magnetic phone holder

With the latest smartphones having razor-sharp computing power and decent storage capacity, it’s no wonder that they’re replacing computers and laptops. These days, you can find people using them for computer-related tasks such as reading e-books, performing calculations, editing videos and pictures, typing documents, and more. (4)


For you to handle such tasks comfortably, you’d want to use a 360-degree magnetic phone holder that allows you to change the angle of view as much as you want. You can mount some holders on your car (don’t text and drive!) to help you with navigation, while some tabletop mounts make using your phone more convenient as opposed to placing it flat on your table.

  • External battery boosters

Smartphones are powerful devices, but the batteries that power them are limited in size and capacity. That forms the weakest part of the phone. Indeed, the phone with the largest battery can hold a whopping 6,000 milliampere hours (mAh) but only lasts a mere 14 hours 11 minutes. That implies that no smartphone can withstand a full day of constant use. (5)

Thus, you’d want to invest in external battery boosters to extend the life of the internal batteries, especially in instances where you can’t access a charger for long. A good one should double the duration in which you stay with the smartphone before you need to charge it again.


There are limitless smartphone accessories you can purchase to improve your phone’s performance. Some trending ones this year include customized phone cases, smart watches, selfie-ring lights, 360-degree magnetic phone holders, and external battery boosters. These should improve your smartphone experience considerably, but you can still explore more accessories for an even better experience.


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