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Why Use Direct Mail Services to Reach Consumers ?

Direct mail is considered old school, now that email and other forms of social media can be faster and more affordable methods of marketing to prospects. But sometimes, old school works. And taking on a direct mail campaign doesn’t have to be as laborious as it sounds. The answer is to take advantage of direct mail services Tampa that can do the work for you on your budget.

Does Direct Mail Work?

Yes, direct mail works and performs above every other kind of marketing. Consumers today still like to hold something in their hands. It gives a business credibility, and they are also more likely to refer to friends and family if they can hold it in their hands. Americans are receiving over 600 emails weekly, and over 16 pieces of mail. They like their mail better.

Good marketers today know the statistics hold up. Direct mail and household mail have a higher response rate of 9 percent over email, paid search, and social media. Digital marketing methods are only producing response rates of 1 percent in many cases.

What is the Best Kind of Direct Mail?

You don’t need to send out cumbersome packages or envelopes to entice a customer. The Data and Marketing Association says that postcards receive the highest response rate over letters or anything bulky. Postcards may help a business get a higher response rate than a mailed letter. If you’re looking to increase the response rate for your business mailings, consider printing business postcards instead of letters. Printing postcards is a great way to personalize your message and make it more interesting to recipients.

Combine Your Efforts

Use both direct mail and paid search or online marketing to target new customers. But you don’t need to do all of the work yourself. Hire a professional direct mail services company to see these results in your business today.

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