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Why Your Online Business Needs a Payment Gateway Integration?

Top Five Reasons Your Online Business Needs a Payment Gateway Integration
Could your business benefit from payment gateway integration? If you are processing a decent volume of orders and you are currently using a hosted payment gateway integration, the simple answer is yes. Sure, hosted solutions like PayPal or Stripe and others are convenient. But when you compare the functionality, the steep processing fees and the stringent rules involved, they may not be right for your needs. Once your volume hits a certain mark, it may be time to consider exploring your options with a different and more formidable solution.

Offering an Onsite Checkout
An onsite checkout is something that all online businesses want to offer, and that most customers want to see and use. This is because your shopping cart is easier to use when it is not redirecting users in a confusingly auspicious manner to a hosted gateway. When users are redirected, it can affect the sales and can make it appear like your company is less professional.

Enhancing Security
Not to say that hosted payment gateway integrations are not secure; because they are. But just to say that a non-hosted solution can offer enhanced security. What if there were added encryption methods and layers of protection that could reduce your fraud liability even further. With newer technologies, this is indeed possible. But you won’t find it in most hosted solutions, and the non-hosted solutions that offer it are comparatively priced.

Streamlining Authorizations
When users check-out, they want a fast and easy process, according to numerous recent studies on the checkout process. The fewer the clicks, the likelier that the sale will be completed and that shopping cart won’t be abandoned. In addition, users want the sale to be fast and convenient. A hosted solution streamlines authorizations while minimizing checkout steps. This ultimately means more sales and fewer abandoners.

Competing with Rivals
Your rivals have a hosted solution in place, so why don’t you? This is a key element of competing: keeping things synergistic with what your competitors are offering. This is inclusive of matching prices, shipping cost, returns policies and the shopping and checkout experience. Are you really doing everything that you can to keep up tit for tat with competing online businesses?

Increasing Sales
Ultimately, you want as many sales as possible. And you want those sales with as few headaches as possible, too. The choice to add a dedicated and internal payment gateway integration to your website will, as the aforementioned points reflect, enable you to do the one thing that all online businesses crave: increase sales.
By decreasing abandonment rates, improving security and streamlining the checkout process, the spike in sales will be certain to follow, a boost in revenue that you can count on well into the future. Base Commerce offers a state-of-the-art payment gateway integration that can help you better compete while offering a secure checkout. Click here to learn more.

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