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Fighting For Justice: The Importance of Hiring a Military Sexual Assault Law Firm

Military severe criminal charges, including sexual assault allegations, should not be detailed to defense counsel, who may have only a couple of years of experience. Instead, you should hire a civilian military attorney to handle your case.

Personal Injury Law

A lawyer could make all the difference in a case that has severe consequences for your career. 


There are too many special interests – politicians, advocacy movements/groups, and the press – focused on pushing the narrative that guilt is presumed in military sexual assault cases. They are concerned with convictions and stiff sentences – not fairness and due process for those accused.

If you’re a Servicemember facing allegations of sexual assault under Article 120 UCMJ, it is crucial to hire a military sexual assault law firm with experience. If you get a public defender, they have a full caseload and will likely not put the time and effort into your case that it deserves.

A private lawyer can expose inconsistencies and misconceptions in an alleged victim’s story by aggressive cross-examination. This is essential in a sexual assault allegation case that could result in a general court-martial and lifelong mark as a registered sex offender. It can devastate your reputation, career, and benefits. A knowledgeable defense lawyer may also doubt the veracity of an accused victim’s allegations, testimony during the inquiry, and the available proof.


A military sexual assault case is a grave matter. Convictions of any type of assault charge, including rape, can result in jail time and a dishonorable discharge. In addition, convicted members are forced to register as sex offenders in the state they return to. These convictions will negatively impact your future employment and housing options.

A civilian attorney can bolster your military sexual assault defense strategy. They can provide expert witnesses and lean into forensic evidence to show your innocence. They can also help you appeal a court-martial conviction.

Service members facing sexual assault accusations need to act quickly. An experienced civilian military lawyer can re-direct the government’s case against you, which may influence the prosecutor to rethink its position. They can also be an ally during the investigation and trial process by aggressively cross-examining witnesses and highlighting discrepancies in evidence. It can cause alleged victims to recant their claims or at least rethink their motives for lying about a sexual assault.

Personal Attention

Among these are jail time, loss of military privileges, and dishonorable discharge. In addition, a conviction could mean a lifetime registration requirement for sexual offenders. Suppose you find yourself accused of sexual misconduct in the military. In that situation, you must work with a reputable business to get a military criminal defense lawyer to defend your rights and reputation. From the first investigation to the trial and beyond, a renowned civilian military attorney can help you with every facet of the military legal system.

The top military sexual assault law firms have a track record of successfully representing service members at court officials, and they can help you win your case. Some people worry about paying for a civilian military attorney, but the best firms charge similar amounts as the appointed public defender. So, considering the price, the best military attorneys are worth the investment to preserve your career and freedoms.

Timely Representation

When facing sexual assault allegations, it is essential to hire an attorney as soon as possible. Especially in cases of date rape, a servicemember needs to act quickly so that evidence can be collected and witnesses interviewed before their memories are impacted.

Even false allegations of sexual assault are taken seriously by commanding officers and, if convicted, can have devastating consequences. A dishonorable discharge, jail time, and the loss of military perks are a few of these. Furthermore, a conviction may result in a lifelong registration obligation as a sexual offender.

Innocent service members are being prosecuted and wrongfully convicted for these bogus accusations week in and out. A knowledgeable defense lawyer may also doubt the veracity of an accused victim’s allegations, testimony during the inquiry, and the available proof.

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