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Ground-Breaking Tips for Shipment Tracking 


With the increasing trend of online shopping following the outbreak of Covid-19, the volume of shipments is dramatically rising. This increase in shipping volume is making shipment tracking more and more complicated. Although the internet has made it relatively easier to pinpoint when the shipment reaches the recipient, shipment tracking with so many carriers can become a hassle for you.  

If you have no update regarding your shipment arrival and you have to ask, “Where exactly is my shipment?” It’s time for you to learn some ground-breaking tips for shipment tracking.  

Here are some amazing tips to help you track your packages no matter which carrier is delivering them.  

Valuable Tips for Tracking Shipments 

You can stay updated about your packages or shipments by following these instructions. 

  • Get information about your courier 
  • Obtain a tracking number or ID 
  • Visit the courier website and insert tracking no. 
  • Get in touch with the courier  
  • Use shipment tracking software  

Get Information About Your Courier  

Whether you have shipped an item to a university, corporate office, or a multi-tenant building, the first step in shipment tracking is knowing your courier. Sellers can choose from various significant couriers, such as USPS or FedEx. However, in the case of the buyer, they do not have the option to select the courier. Therefore, they need to contact the seller to get the information about the courier.  

Each courier has a different way of tracking shipments. Once you know about the courier, you can quickly move to the next step of package tracking and ensure the shipment has been delivered to the university mailroom or package locker of a multi-tenant building. 

Obtain a Tracking Number or ID 

Getting a tracking number is another essential step of shipment tracking. The courier must give a tracking number to the seller when they ship the packages. The seller should keep the tracking id handy and give it to the buyer as soon as possible. A buyer can contact the seller if they do not obtain the tracking id after placing the order.  

In short, both seller and buyer should keep the tracking number until the package is delivered. In this way, you can easily and timely resolve any issues that might occur with the shipment.  

Visit Courier Website and Insert Tracking No. 

Courier companies have websites where you can track the shipment by inserting the tracking number. It is one of the convenient ways of tracking a package but is only valid for large couriers.  

You should visit the courier website and insert the tracking number to get the status of your shipment. Alternatively, you can visit the company site where you bought the product.  

Some online retailers also have tracking systems on their sites. In this way, you do not have to know about your courier, but you can still check where your package is or when it will arrive.  

Get in Touch with the Courier 

If there is no option of inserting a tracking number, you can contact the courier directly to find out about your shipment. Simply call the courier company and get help from the representative. Good courier companies have good customer service as well. They always have a phone number on which you can call. In this way, you do not have to wait for several days to know when your package will arrive.  

The sooner you get in touch with the courier, the quicker you can track your shipment. Also, if any problem occurs, the company can resolve it timely so that you can get your package exactly when it is needed.  

Use Shipment Tracking Software  

Using shipment tracking software is one of the best ways to trace packages, especially for senders. It allows you to view the whole timeline of the shipment as it moves through all the logistics hops and sends push notifications to the sender. This software can track shipments from hundreds of global couriers and carriers, and some of them are smart enough to extract tracking numbers by scanning barcodes. Nowadays, various shipment tracking software are available that have numerous exciting features to help people track their shipments easily.  


Tracking shipment is essential for both senders and recipients. It allows you to trace the shipment throughout the shipping journey. You can also figure out when it will arrive or what the delivery status is in case there is any delay. There are various ways of tracking a shipment, and some of the major ones are discussed above. The simplest and easiest way of tracking a shipment is by using advanced shipment tracking software. It helps the seller or the sender immensely in tracing the shipment and notifying the recipient, streamlining their logistics operations. In this way, both the sender and the recipient stay informed about the shipment status at every step. 


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