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Masterful Mobile App Creation: The Inomma Story

World-renowned mobile app developer Inomma is located in Yerevan, Armenia. Dedicated experts work together daily to create something amazing. Over 60 iOS and Android apps later, they’re constantly eager for new challenges. Every Inomma employee works hard to make the product high-quality and useful.


To that aim, they have a staff ready to create great iOS and Android apps. They have used map, location, push notification, social network, REST, NFC, and other APIs. Mobile professionals at Inomma create art with code. Our professionals all lead their fields.

About Inomma

Inomma, a cutting-edge firm with aggressive growth plans, hires top-notch IT professionals. Inomma is pleased to design and develop game web portals for a leading mobile gaming company. All qualified applicants will be considered for employment regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, citizenship, marital status, handicap, or other legally protected characteristics. Location : Yerevan, Yerevan, Armenia

Basic Principles

  • Continuous improvement and education
  • When one succeeds, we all succeed.
  • Provide real benefit to our clientele.
  • A kind and considerate place to work
  • Be considerate of the environment by adopting greener practices.

Numerous evaluations have been written about Inomma, with the vast majority being good. The platform has received high marks for its intuitive design and simplicity. Crypto currency investors benefit greatly from the reliability of its real-time data and analytics.

Investors may more easily keep tabs on their assets and make educated decisions thanks to Inomma’s comprehensive coverage of the crypto currency market. Many positive reviews have focused on the platform’s ability to monitor the value of individual coins and report on relevant news and events.

Furthermore, Inomma’s customer care has been praised for their responsiveness and helpfulness in resolving any concerns that users may have. Users have also given it good marks for its mobile app, which makes it simple to keep tabs on one’s investments even when they’re out and about. Inomma has received generally positive reviews due to its trustworthy data, intuitive design, comprehensive coverage, and responsive support staff. It is a must-have app for keeping tabs on your crypto currency holdings.

Reasons to choose Inomma: Experience and Expertise

Hiring a development firm gives you a skilled team to design and develop your app. Whether Android or iOS, skilled developers will handle the job. One person handles all tasks when you engage a freelancer. They may not know much about the app you desire. One company provides developers, designers, and testers. You can obtain full-stack development services from them because they know their fields.

Project Managers Oversee Processes

App development involves many steps. Different team members manage design, development, testing, and repair. To ensure a seamless workflow, someone must oversee the processes and team. Project managers are assigned to app development agencies. They will oversee the project and connect the client and developers. They can coordinate so your app turns out as you want. Project managers manage cost, resources, and planning and assist clients comprehend processes. They hold team meetings to track progress, ensure deadline compliance, and more.


If you lack development knowledge, hiring a mobile development business will be invaluable. The agency’s developers will explain the essentials, update you, and recommend design changes. Visit Inomma website to study the company portfolio and client evaluations to assess its quality.

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