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SplatNet 3 QR Codes: Connect With Friends Using Your Exclusive t-70d4a447-6cca-48ca-bc77-64917edc4070 Identifier



SplatNet 3, the companion app for the popular Nintendo Switch game Splatoon 3, includes a unique social feature for players to easily connect – QR codes. Each user receives their own exclusive QR code to share with friends. Embedded in every SplatNet 3 QR code is a special UUID or universally unique identifier, like “t-70d4a447-6cca-48ca-bc77-64917edc4070”. This ensures each code links only to one user profile.


By scanning these codes, you can quickly send friend requests in-app. The QR code and UUID system allows you to seamlessly create your buddy list as you play Splatoon 3.

What is a UUID?
A UUID is a 128-bit number that is unique across all systems and networks. It contains 32 hexadecimal characters divided into 5 groups separated by hyphens. The uniqueness ensures no two SplatNet QR codes are ever the same. Learn more about UUIDs on Wikipedia.

How Do SplatNet 3 QR Codes Work?

Displaying Your Personal Code
To start connecting with friends, the first step is to display your own SplatNet 3 QR code. You can find this in the app by tapping on your profile picture > Player Settings > QR Code.

This will reveal your exclusive QR code with the embedded t-70d4a447-6cca-48ca-bc77-64917edc4070 UUID. Tip: Make sure to enable permissions for the SplatNet app to access your phone’s camera.

Scanning Friend Codes
Once your code is visible, your friends can open their SplatNet app and use their camera to scan your QR code. This will instantly send you a friend request in-app.

Likewise, you can scan your friends’ QR codes to send them requests. Open your SplatNet camera and line up the QR code in the frame to scan it. The app will even recognize when you have properly captured the code.

Connecting is fast and seamless with the Splatoon 3 UUID system.

Online Resources

SplatNet 3 Direct URL

The Benefits of Connecting
Multiplayer Friends – See what online modes your connected friends are currently playing and join them!

Cheers and Freshness – Cheer your friends on by giving them “Fresh!” badges whenever they accomplish something.

Order Gear – Keep track of what gear your friends have customized and place orders for that same gear from other players.

By linking up via your SplatNet 3 UUID code, you gain access to tons of social tools for enhancing your Splatoon experience.

Staying Secure With QR Codes

Of course, connecting with strangers via QR codes raises some security concerns around privacy and data. However, Splatoon leverages the uniqueness of UUIDs to keep your account safe.

Without the proper UUID sequence embedded, no random QR code can access your profile. And you remain in control over which connections you accept. So you can forge friendships with confidence using the streamlined SplatNet identification system.

SplatNet 3’s scannable QR codes make it simpler than ever to start squadding up with your friends online. With your exclusive t-70d4a447-6cca-48ca-bc77-64917edc4070 identifier built into your code, you have complete control over who can send requests. Look for the rainbow SplatNet icon next time you boot up your Switch to dive into the app and start connecting!

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