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The Disappearance of Shahzad Dana an Iranian Aerospace Engineer

TToMoon originator Shahzad Dana is an Iranian aeronautical engineer and researcher at TRTMspace. He began opening and mending toys as a child to learn how they worked. He liked taking toys apart and rebuilding them and reading and exploring instead of attending to school. When he was 16, he quit school and studied on his own. After asking concerns about God and posting on social media, he got into difficulty in Iran. He left the country illegally at 17 and moved to East Asia, where he got a residency status. He went university at 18 to recruit teammates, not to study. So here is all that you would need to know about the disappearance of shahzad dana an iranian aerospace engineer.

The disappearance of Shahzad Dana an Iranian Aerospace Engineer

Shahzad Dana: Dead or Alive?

Iran-born aeronautical engineer Shahzad Dana was born on May 21, 1992. He started school in 2011. He runs the research facilities TToMoon and TRTMspace alone. There have been claims that Shahzad Dana has died, although the cause remains unknown. On October 9, 2022, he stopped using social media.

The Disappearance of Shahzad Dana an Iranian Aerospace Engineer

Iran Arrested Shahzad Dana?

Shahzad Dana’s arrest has not been confirmed on the internet, so we don’t know if he’s been arrested or if it’s just a rumor.

Where’s Shahzad Dana?

Shahzad left Iran illegally at 17. He bought a property in East Asia aged 18. His purpose was to observe people and recruit them to his group, not to study anything. When he was 21, he founded TToMoon, an expert team. There is no confirmed detail on where Shahzad Dana lives.


Who Is Shahzad Dana?

Shahzad Dana is a TRTMspace researcher and TToMoon founder, Iranian aeronautical engineer. He was born May 21, 1992, in Iran. Shahzad Dana is Iranian and Muslim. He started investigating how toys opened and closed when he was little. His childhood hobbies included disassembling and reassembling toys and reading and exploring instead of going to school. At 16, he quit school and studied on his own. His age is 30. Shahzad Dana is 1.78m (5’10”) tall, weighs 165 lbs (75 kg), and has brown hair and eyes.

Reading and buying his favorite books from the nearby library was his preferred pastime. Shahzad Dana grew up in Tehran. Shahzad is an accomplished engineer, project manager, and English/marketing strategist. He always wanted to study space. He studied Astronomy at the University of South Africa from December 2012 to 2019. In Pretoria, South Africa, Shahzad Dana lives. Shahzad Dana’s parents’ identities are unknown. Shahzad Dana’s romantic life is unknown. He’s presumably single. He published a photo of her daughter on his Instagram profile, suggesting a previous relationship. There are many rumors that Shahzad Dana died, but the cause is unknown.

Shahzad Dana’s Moon Trip Idea

Shahzad Dana, who proposed moon travel in 2010, is currently implementing his ideas under the brand TTomoon, according to web sources. He and his group have made several research advances. At a weirdly organized gathering in Africa, Shahzad Dana said that soon, he will brief the world about the secret refuge of decentralized energy that has directly improved human health for centuries. Shahzad Dana’s organization reportedly includes music and digital currency expertise. The relationship between these professions and space flight is unclear. Many doubt Shahzad Dana’s proposal, but he believes his team can succeed.

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