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Electronic Logbook Software

Technology has significantly transformed how we do things. Back in the day, people relied on papers to record transactions. After the advent of personal computers, businesses have now moved towards paperless environments.

Fleet managers have had a hard time keeping physical records of their day-to-day transactions. In most instances, managers are tasked with assigning duties to drivers and planning for servicing routines. However, these days with internet technology and computing systems, electronic logbook software is the in thing.

Han an Electronic Logbook Software Works

First thing’s first, an electronic logbook software can be a desktop or web application that keeps track of all transactions and operations in a fleet management business. They were designed to offer an efficient method of maintaining records more efficiently than papers and files.

Electronic logbooks can be used for various tasks in different departments within the transport and logistics business. They also bring about transparency and make it easy to share information or data between multiple departments in the company.

Benefits of Using Electronic Logbook Software

E-log books have transformed how people in the transport and logistics business handle their data. As discussed before, the application is available in two formats. The first is the traditional desktop software that is installed on the PC. The second are web-based applications that can be accessed remotely.

Electronic logbooks allow for better management of records. Most apps are also coupled with AI systems that will enable them to schedule tasks based on specific instructions. This means that fleet managers have an easier task managing and assigning tasks to drivers. For example, the e-lop app from Eyeride LLC allows managers to edit, sync, and create inspection reports.

Another benefit is that they can be integrated with other systems such as car diagnostics apps. This way, the software can automatically schedule service dates for the vehicle on due time. Fleet managers and drivers will also receive notifications on when the service is due.

Remote access to data is also another benefit of using electronic logbook software. In most cases, the information is always uploaded in the cloud. Therefore, fleet managers can access the data remotely as long as they have internet connectivity.

Electronic logbook software can also help fleet managers in generating payrolls for their staff automatically. All it will need is for the driver to submit the number of hours worked per day and the app will handle the rest, including mileage bonuses.

Buying the Best Electronic Logbook Software

If you are a fleet manager, having e-log software in your business premises will boost productivity. However, there are plenty of such programs on the market today, so finding the right one can be pretty challenging.

The internet is filled with plenty of buyer guides and user reviews about some of the best electronic logbook software. The best software will be worth every penny as it will help you automate most tasks and boost productivity.

Always buy software that is available in both desktop and web versions. A web version of the app will allow both the managers and the drivers to access it remotely via a smartphone or tablet. Some software developers will also have a smartphone app of the same, albeit at an extra fee.



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