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Image capture error 9912

Image capture error 9912

Have you ever tried to import images from your iPhone or iPad onto your iMac and received the error ‘Image capture error 9912’? This is something that many Apple users have reported in the past. Although it’s pretty easy to import images from your one Apple device to another, sometimes this error tends to pop up and causes frustration among users. Don’t sweat about it as we’ve got the right solution for you.

Why does this error ‘Image capture error 9912’ pop up?

The first instance of the user is that there may be some issues with the photos or images themselves. However, that is not the issue. The issue is with the file importing feature between your Apple devices. Many times this also tends to show due to a bad connection between the devices or fault in the cables.

How to solve error ‘Image capture error 9912’?

Here’re how you can solve the error.

Solution 1: Check your cable connection

  • Most of the time this issue is down to the faulty cable or connection between your iPhone and Mac. Change the cable if you can or use a different USB socket than the one you’re using currently. Reconnect your phone to Mac and try to import the images again. This should work now.

Solution 2: Import images with Image Capture App

You can also use the Image Capture app on your Mac to import the images. Follow these steps:

  • Connect your iPhone with the Mac.
  • Now open the Image Capture app on your Mac.
  • Select your device in the Devices and Shared list.
  • Click on the Import To option down below and select the location where you want to import your photos.
  • Now click on Import all if you want to transfer all the images. If you want to only import a few, then select the required images and then click on the Import option. That will transfer the files to your Mac and the error won’t come up.
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