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Offsite tape backup: 7 reasons why it’s still imperative

Contemporary enterprise is completely data-centric. This makes it imperative to any business whilst requiring comprehensive protection. There are numerous data protection methods, including that of offsite tape backup. This method is still one of the most effective for storing your data and here are seven reasons why:

  • It has massive storage capacity

The first benefit of this method is its massive storage capacity. Tape devices provide huge amounts of storage for growing businesses and all on the one compact device. Therefore, you never have to worry about buying extra equipment to maintain your backups.

  • It’s cost-efficient

The best tape backup media storage Perth has is a cheaper option compared to disk options. What’s more, this solution allows offline data storage, which is far cheaper when it comes to maintenance and support.

In certain cases, this solution is the most cost-efficient way to store massive legacy data amounts. When it comes to cost and time-efficiency, it is impractical to convert legacy data into the right format before moving that information from the tape to its new physical medium. Therefore, it is a highly-efficient option that won’t break your budget.

  • It is highly scalable

If your business requires optimised scalability then this is the option for you. It is easy to scale your tape infrastructure through purchasing new tape hardware and introducing them to your library. Conversely, you would need to purchase extra hardware to scale your disk-based capacity and this can be very expensive.

  • It has a long lifespan

Tapes have a massive amount of longevity and this is one of the main reasons they are so popular in large organisations. When properly maintained, your tape drives can store data for at least 30 years. Therefore, they provide awesome ongoing retention for all critical data whilst ensuring your archive remains stable.

  • It is highly efficient

Disk devices are typically used for storing information which needs fast access. Therefore, these devices require 24/7 operation to undergo regular data backups and provide successful disaster recovery. This makes them one of the largest energy consumers in a data centre.

Tape drives, conversely, are typically used for data archiving as they can maintain data offline. They operate only when information is being read or added to them. Therefore, they run only when they are needed, making them more energy-efficient and consuming less energy than disk space.

  • They are highly portable

These devices are highly portable. Once information is written to the device you can easily pick them and have them transported to data centres. If there are any potential threats to your tape drive centre, they can easily be transported to a separate location.

With disk solutions, conversely, you would need to transfer large swathes of information over the network to a new space. This process can be highly time-consuming and can be costly during a disaster recovery process.

  • Security

Tape drives are truly efficient when it comes to protection against malware or ransomware. Tape drives are stored offline, meaning they are disconnected from the network once the backup is finalised. Therefore, if the drive is not connected to the network, it is impossible for hackers to corrupt your information. This makes them more effective than other storage solutions in this regard as other solutions operate online and are susceptible to ongoing attacks.

So, it is clear to see that tape drives are still one of the best solutions for modern businesses – are you ready to let them optimise your data solution?

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