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4 Ways To Make Your Building More Energy Efficent

Energy efficiency is important for both environmental and financial reasons. Conserving energy can help reduce your business’ carbon footprint, which is good for the planet. It can also reduce your energy bills, which is good for your bottom line. These are four of the ways you can make your building more energy-efficient.

4 Ways To Make Your Building More Energy Efficent

1. Install Automated Doors

Because people need to have their hands free to operate manual doors, they may decide to prop your building’s doors open when they need to unload a truck, carry packages, bring in luggage or are loaded down with shopping bags. Doors that are open when they do not need to be open can run up your heating and cooling bills, in addition to creating a hazard that could result in a broken door or an injury, should a gust of wind or a collision occur while the door is open. Automatic doors open only when they are being used and close when they are not in use. Automated door energy compliance can make your building greener and safer and save you money.

2. Keep Track of Your Energy Consumption

The first step towards determining where you can make improvements and tracking how well those changes are working is measuring your energy consumption. Your monthly energy bill is a good starting place, but to get more useful numbers, consider using a tool, such as the Energy Star Portfolio Manager to benchmark your building’s energy use.

3. Insulate Your Building

Heating and cooling is the largest energy draw for many buildings. Installing high-performance insulation can help reduce the amount of energy needed to heat and cool your building. Additionally, consider installing wall systems that have their own built-in insulation. To further cut down on costs, repair or replace any windows and doors that have air leaks. If your building has older windows and doors installed, consider upgrading them to modern, energy-efficient versions.

4. Purchase Energy Star Certified Equipment

Energy Star certified equipment, such as computer systems, can use as much as 65% less energy than a comparable non-certified model. Most appliances and electronics, such as the breakroom microwave, refrigerator and television, are available in Energy Star certified models. Check your equipment regularly to ensure it is functioning efficiently.

You can do your part to protect the environment, while also saving money, by making your building more energy efficient. These four steps will help you achieve your efficiency goals.

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