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What is Baddiehub? Exploring the Popular Instagram Hashtag and Culture

Baddiehub is more than just another Instagram hashtag—it represents an entire aesthetic and culture taking over social media. With over 800,000 posts and counting, #baddiehub has become the digital destination for showcasing edgy Y2K-inspired fashion, bold beauty looks, and confident attitudes.


The Origins and Growth of #Baddiehub

The Baddiehub hashtag was created in 2021 by popular LA-based influencer Tre Cunningham, also known as @trecunningham on Instagram. With a background as a model and brand ambassador for FashionNova, she was well-versed in curating sexy, eye-catching looks for the social media age.

Tre coined the term as a catchall hashtag for the type of unapologetically bold, fashion-forward content she wanted to see more of from creators on Instagram. As she described in an interview:

“I came up with Baddiehub as a space for go-getters and hustlers who aren’t afraid to show off their assets and still be about their business. It’s about uplifting each other and having fun while we’re at it!”

The hashtag quickly took off as Tre and her collaborators actively promoted it across Instagram. She brought on fellow influencers like @ivanamota and @katkwondoja to serve as brand ambassadors and further boost engagement.

Within just a few months, #baddiehub transitioned from Tre’s personal hashtag to a thriving online community with thousands of posts. Even high-profile celebrities like Megan Thee Stallion and Normani began using it to showcase their bold personal styles.

The Signature Baddiehub Aesthetic

So what exactly does Baddiehub style entail? The top posts with the hashtag give us plenty of insight.

Some signature elements include:

  • Y2K fashion: Think low-rise jeans, cargo pants, corset tops, and micro mini skirts straight from the early 2000s. Baddiehub is all about reviving those nostalgic trends with a 2022 spin.
  • Athleisure: Designer joggers, cropped hoodies, and bike shorts are athleisure elevated. Think Instagram-ready gym looks.
  • Edgy streetwear: Baddiehub girls aren’t afraid to experiment with edgier pieces like baggy cargos, graphic crop tops, and oversized denim jackets.
  • Bold beauty: Smokey eyes, glossy lips, and long nails are musts in the beauty space. Y2K-style hair with butterfly clips, streaks, and braids are also popular.
  • Confident posing: Sexy, attention-grabbing poses let these creators show off their look’s best assets and energy.

As Tre Cunningham told ELLE Magazine:

“We aren’t posting thirst traps—we’re posting CEO looks. You can get the bag and serve face.”

Top Baddiehub Instagram Accounts

Some of the most popular Instagram accounts utilizing the Baddiehub hashtag include:


As the founder, Tre serves major fashion inspiration from her home city of LA. She mixes trendy brands like FashionNova with vintage finds. Tre is all about embracing your curves and showing some skin in a tasteful, playful way.


Ivana Mota is Baddiehub’s resident Barbie. As a model and actress, her page is a showcase of ultra-feminine going out looks with lots of pink. She rocks bodycon dresses and matching sets flawlessly.


For edgier streetwear vibes, Kat Kwon is a go-to. The model and influencer slays oversized fits and sneakers as well as sleek dresses. Kat exudes effortless cool through her tomboy chic style.


Let Alexandria Augello serve Y2K goddess, whether she’s at the gym or a night out. Her page brings the nostalgia with bedazzled JEANS and bandana tops. She reps for the curvy Baddiehub girls.


Gabriella Elguera keeps things spicy and colorful with tangy orange ensembles and bold prints. The Florida-based influencer has mastered vacation Baddie vibes. From swimwear to club looks, her page inspires.


Megan Guthrie, known as Meg Nutt online, is a top OnlyFans creator who embodies the unapologetically sexy side of Baddiehub. If you love athleisure looks and swimsuits, her page delivers. She serves body goals.


Based in NYC, Kelianne Stroman represents the Baddiehub aesthetic with an East Coast flair. She rocks designer pieces from Gucci and Bottega Veneta with urban edge. High-fashion streetwear is her niche.


Sydney Nicole brings the heat to any tropical locale. She vacations often and her swimwear shots are A+. From itty-bitty bikinis to coverups, Sydney does island baddie like no other.

This is just a sampling of the popular creators to follow for Baddiehub inspo. Dive into their profiles and saved Stories Highlights for an inside look at how to nail this aesthetic.

How to Use #Baddiehub and Tap into the Community

Any fashion-loving gal can join in on the Baddiehub trend on Instagram. Use these tips to maximize your engagement:

  • Tag #baddiehub: Include the hashtag in all relevant posts. Engage with others’ content and follow accounts using it to plug into the community.
  • Show some skin: Flaunt your assets in cute lingerie, bikinis and bathing suits, crop tops or low-rise bottoms. Crop tops with high-waisted jeans or trousers are a popular combo.
  • Play with prints: Wild prints and patterns make any outfit pop. Seek out colorful, graphic prints and mix-and-match.
  • Go glossy: Layer on the clear gloss for ultra-kissable lips. A dewy complexion also creates a youthful glow reminiscent of real-life Bratz dolls.
  • Do “photo dumps”: Show off multiple looks in one post or your best “getting ready” photos. The more creative, the better.
  • Take it Y2K: Look for corset tops, cargo pants, micro minis, and low rise jeans for that quintessential throwback vibe. Add “baby tees.”
  • Brighten with neons: Vivid greens, oranges, and pinks bring any athletic or night-out look into the future. Take inspo from the ’80s too.
  • Play with jewelry: Hoops, diamonds, pearls, rings—go big. Stack and layer pieces. Baddiehub loves statement-making bling.
  • Show behind-the-scenes: Let fans into your world. Post glimpses into photoshoots, shopping trips, travel, or nights out.

Rock your own style with confidence, have fun with fashion, and engage with fellow baddies. The community continues to thrive as more creators adopt the hashtag and aesthetic.

The Future of Baddiehub

Baddiehub has expanded beyond just an Instagram hashtag into an empowering culture and fashion movement. As trendsetters like Tre continue to promote body positivity and inclusivity, the aesthetic has room to evolve even more.

Expect to see more diversity in the fashion, beauty and influencers highlighted. Rising TikTok creators like @anniwalker and @kaylacamrynne are also expanding Baddiehub’s reach across platforms.

Brand collaborations allow baddies to monetize their saucy personal styles, but also risks oversaturation. However, the strong sense of community Tre originally cultivated has stayed central even through rapid growth.

The hashtag shows no signs of slowing down, especially as Y2K nostalgia continues heating up in Gen Z and Millennial spaces. But whatever form it takes next, Baddiehub remains a digital safe haven for confident, influential women owning their independence and style on their own terms.

Key Takeaways

  • Baddiehub is an Instagram hashtag and culture popularized by influencer Tre Cunningham that oozes Y2K and sexy athleisure style.
  • Top accounts like @ivanamota and @trecunningham showcase edgy streetwear, glossy lips, baggy cargos, glossy lips, and neon colors.
  • Anyone can tap into the community by tagging #baddiehub and showcasing bold looks with confidence.
  • As more diverse voices join, Baddiehub continues to evolve while maintaining its message of empowerment and body positivity.

So are you ready to unleash your inner baddie? It’s your time to shine. Flip that hair, strike a pose, and share your hottest fit with pride using the #baddiehub hashtag.

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